‘STILL TRADING’ … as The Home Brew Boat

The Home Brew Boat at BCBF 2018
All set up ready for the inevitable crowds

About The Home Brew Boat

Barry’s been a keen home brewer for many years. In November 2011 on returning to New Zealand, after two ‘six month’ canal cruises in the UK, he turned his hobby into a new career setting up a local home brewing shop called ‘ezimade’.

One of the prime purposes of doing this was to gain the knowledge, experience and supplier contacts to then be able to create a floating brew shop back here in the UK while cruising the canals and waterways.

By purchasing the equipment and kits for making beer, wine, cider and spirits anyone could easily produce very good quality alcohol by following some simple instructions. All this while in the comfort of their home or boat and for a fraction of the price of their commercial equivalents.

Having successfully gained the first stage of his UK visa in October 2013, he began transforming the project into a reality. The Home Brew Boat has traveled around the country since then trading at boating festivals and along the towpath whenever and wherever possible.

February 2020 marks the sixth anniversary of trading aboard.

STILL Trading …

The Home Brew Boat at Middlewich FAB Festival

In late 2018 Barry decided to streamline his product range and simply focus on the ‘spirit’ual’ side of the industry. The decision was purely based on having a severe lack of space aboard to store everything.

With this also came a slight name change to ‘STILL TRADING’ … as The Home Brew Boat (trying to differentiate from beer, cider and wine brewing).

Home distilling of spirits and liqueurs is the subject he’s most familiar with, so is able to offer the best possible advice and guidance to anyone who needs help.

Distilling at home is quite legal in New Zealand, so a whole industry has built up there – supplying everything for both the NZ market and recently it’s gone global. Barry only stocks these NZ products aboard the boat, which are the very best available.

Barry’s also discovered a variety of ingenious ways of getting stock delivered to the boat from his suppliers, wherever we’re moored. More importantly how to best and speedily get your home distilling supplies couriered or posted to you anywhere in the UK – and even internationally.

Check out the on-line shop ‘STILL TRADING’ … as The Home Brew Boat

Contact Barry

If you have any questions at all about home distilling, visit the website where you’ll find heaps of useful hints and tips for beginners.

Don’t hesitate to contact Barry and tap into his mine of helpful information. If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll soon find out …


Telephone: 0744 345 6024



2 thoughts on “‘STILL TRADING’ … as The Home Brew Boat

  1. Having been planning on living a board for several years now, we are almost there! Do you have any interior pictures of your boat as we can’t decide on Trad or Semi Trad! Similar ages to yourselves and Grandchildren not too far off.


    Rob N Manda

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