Day 71 – Lots Of Sitting

It’s been a very different day from yesterday. Not weather-wise. That continues to be amazingly hot and sunny. I just wish I could enjoy it!


Day Seven – Such A Sense Of Stillness

It’s quite surreal isn’t it? This sense of stillness, and soothing sort of calm, that’s descended on the world? Here on the embankment in Nantwich we can look over the towpath, a few roads, paths and the Canal Centre. There’s hardly a soul in sight. An occasional car, van or lorry. Fewer people walking past … Continue reading Day Seven – Such A Sense Of Stillness

Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich

In case you’re wondering yes I’m safely back on board Areandare after a magical and memorable holiday in Barbados. Wow! What a special place. And how fortunate do I feel to have had such a special time before the world changed? Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it ... well not everything of course. I’ve … Continue reading Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich