Surrounded by Christmas Shopping

Barry and I haven't engaged with Christmas shopping for some years now, unsurprisingly it doesn't feature on our 'essential spending' list! Years ago, when my children were growing up and we were surrounded by close family, I found aspects of the festive season enjoyable. However, we're keenly aware there's no escaping the craziness of Christmas here … Continue reading Surrounded by Christmas Shopping

A time of interesting journeys

It's been a while since I've written - apologies for my/our absence on the blog. To be perfectly honest, I've been avoiding writing a post - things went a little awry recently, and it's taken me a couple of weeks to work through the fog and begin to see things clearly again ... Life consistently … Continue reading A time of interesting journeys

Our winter plans so far

Isn't it fabulous that Barry's posting his favourite images of 2015? I'm loving seeing scenes I'd forgotten about, and remembering why we've chosen this lifestyle. The Inland Waterways contain such a wide diversity of beauty, no wonder Barry's so enraptured by it (I quite like it too!). Latest news from Mercia Sitting still at Mercia … Continue reading Our winter plans so far