We’re proud to have been published as author and photographer in a range of media publications internationally, from 2010 to the present date.

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March 2021 The Gisborne Herald Weekender New Zealand – ‘The Wild West’. The first in a series of articles and images about our amazing adventures on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand in February 2021

or view pages as a pdf file …


December 2020 The Gisborne Herald Weekender New Zealand – A story about our Managed Isolation experience for two weeks after returning to NZ for a while:

June 2020 Waterways World – Featured in an article about ‘Waterways in Lockdown’

9th May 2020 Gisborne Herald Weekender Locked Down … On A Narrowboat


May (summer edition) 2019 – Canals Online MagazineRiver Nene Reminiscing

March 2019 – The Gisborne Herald Weekender Summer of Kiwis

March 2019 Gisborne Herald article


November 2018 – Featured in an online article – ‘Meet the Nomad Entrepreneurs Who Live Their Life on the Road‘ 

August 2018Canals Online (article no longer available as website updated) Re-visiting the tidal Trent, Cromwell to Torksey – Lincoln and Boston

May 2018 – Canal Boat 20 Questions (featuring Barry – again!)

April 2018 – Canals Online (article no longer available as website updated) The River Severn to Gloucester Quays

April 2018 – The Wall Street Journal – The low cost way to live abroad: Buy a boat …

March 2018 – The Gisborne Herald Weekender A Scottish Dream Come True

View pdf of article below …


July 2016 – YOURS magazine – All Aboard for a Life on the Waterways!

YOURS magazine article

January 2016 – Barry’s lunar eclipse photo won ‘Favourite View’ in Waterways World

NBAreandare Waterways World favourite view Lunar ecplise


November 2015 – Barry’s photography article in Waterways World Pretty as a Picture, along with two other waterways photographers

NB Areandare Little Venice

Waterways World Photography article November 2015 (pdf)

October 2015 – Canal Boat magazine ‘20 Questions

Canal Boat magazine 20 questions (pdf)

Canal Boat magazine 20 questions

July 2015 – Barry’s front cover photograph for Waterways World on the Oxford Canal

Waterways World front cover July 2015
Waterways World front cover July 2015

May 2015 – Human’s on the Waterways ‘Meet Barry and Sandra

NB Areandare Humans of the Waterways

February 2015 – The Tillergraph ‘Here’s to The Home Brew Boat’s First Birthday

The Tillergraph February 2015 The Home Brew Boat

February 2015 – Waterways World  – ‘Roving Traders – The Home Brew Boat’

Waterways World February 2015 The Home Brew Boat


December 2014 – Waterways Worlds –  ‘A month of boating festivals in the Black Country’

Waterways World December 2014

October 2014 – The Gisborne Herald Weekender – ‘Experiencing the Seven Wonders’

February 2014 – Gisborne Herald Weekender ‘Life in the Slow Boat Lane’


December 2013 – Waterways World – ‘Retiring Afloat

Photography by Barry (contents page 3, Pam and Terry from NB Roosters Rest), large photo of Sandra and Barry appears s a header for the main article, taken by Andy Tidy of NB wandering Bark

October 2013 – The Gisborne Herald Weekender Seizing Our days 

Our second six-month sojourn on the Inland Waterways of UK, which culminated in a plan to sell-up, simplify our lives, and live aboard a narrowboat ‘indefinitely’ from April 2013

September 2013 – The Gisborne Herald Weekender – Life Changing Journey

The first in a series of articles and photographs about our journeys on the Inland Waterways of UK


September 2010 – Canal Boat magazine ‘Best of Both Worlds

A five-page article written about us, by canal Boat editor Nick wall, following an article submitted by Sandra in May 2010 for the ‘Me and My Boat’ feature. Nick came to Northern Pride, our narrowboat at the time, along with another writer/boater called ‘Bones’,  to interview us for a feature article. The photography is Barry’s.

March 2010 – Reader’s Digest (NZ) The Kindness of Strangers – The Love Boat

A heart-warming story about how we were amazingly ‘rescued’ by another two narrowboats, when we lost all power in the middle of nowhere on the way to our September 2009 wedding venue at The Dog and Doublet!

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