Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Barry’s created four sets of eight digital jigsaw puzzles from his library of stunning canal images taken around the UK waterways.

Test your powers of observation and concentration to solve the puzzles.

No need to take over the table in the dining room or lounge, when these jigsaws are within reach of your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

  • The puzzles are played online through our website using a plugin from and are playable on your laptop, ipad or phone.
  • Simply purchase a puzzle set below and we will email you a pdf file which you can download to your device.
  • Open the file and click on any of the images.
  • This will take you to the appropriate puzzle on our website, in your browser.
  • No postage required so available worldwide.
  • Start playing from the moment you’ve purchased.
  • Follow the playing instructions and enjoy hours of fun!
  • Preview the images in each set HERE
  • All for only £3.50!

Why not try a sample puzzle HERE to see if you like it before purchasing one or more of the full sets of eight.

Read the recent article published in Waterways World.

See what other puzzlers are saying …
  • “Beautiful photographs. Puzzles are fun to do with all sorts of ways to do them.”Rivka
  • “Love it! I’m totally hooked! I’m seeing detail in these pictures that I’d never noticed before. They work well in a quick setting or in 500 piece plus.”Helen
  • “The jigsaws just keep getting better! I love them.”Kimberley

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