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Contented Nomads

Many months ago, during our lovely lockdown near Hurleston Junction, I reported to the COVID-19 Symptom Study I was experiencing...
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Walking And Reconnecting In Tūrunganui A Kiwa

I may have been spotted on one my many walks around Gisborne (Tūranganui a Kiwa), with a silly Cheshire-cat-like grin...
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Good Old Gisborne

Being back in Tairawhiti/Gisborne is, for me, akin to slipping on my comfiest shoes whilst sighing contentedly ...
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Finally IN New Zealand

After an incredibly convoluted, complex and challenging journey to our 'second home country', finally, we really are back IN New...
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MIQ Day 13 – Preparing For Release

It's difficult to believe we've almost completed our fourteen days of Managed Isolation. Weirdly, I'll miss it!
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MIQ Day 12 – Ten Tips To Thrive In Managed Isolation

We fully appreciate that being able to return to New Zealand at this time of the world's history is a...
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MIQ Day 11 – Happily Connecting And Eating

This morning began early. My alarm was set for a 7.15 am start to get ready for a House Party...
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MIQ Day 10 – A Bit Of Excitement

Under 'normal' circumstances, I'd be posting a blog Wednesdays' and weekends. For me, daily blog reading can become rather tedious...
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MIQ Day 9 – A Quiet Day

There are only five sleeps to go now before our expected 'release' day on Saturday 5th September. So long as...
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MIQ Day 8 – Feeling Spring-Like Again

I recall watching the trees budding and blossom sprouting as winter turned to spring during late March in the UK...
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MIQ Day 7 – Enjoying A Day Off

That sounds odd, doesn't it? A day off Managed Isolation? How can that be? No, just a day off 'work'...
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MIQ Day 6 – In Trouble At Almost Halfway

Time in MIQ is speeding by. Tomorrow morning will be our halfway point. We still haven't worked out a way...
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MIQ Day 5 – Productivity And Connectivity

Five days into our Managed Isolation, and we're over a third through the requisite 14 days already. I don't think...
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MIQ Day 4 – Celebrating All The Fours

Forty-four years ago today, a monumental event in my life occurred. On 26th August 1976, at 10.36 pm, my eldest...
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MIQ Day 3 – Test Day

Today was the first COVID-19 compulsory MIQ test day. We waited apprehensively, hoping someone would come early enough for us...
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