Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We frequently receive emails from people/companies, asking if we accept ‘Guest Posts’. We’ve published the following four to date (April 2019), but turned away dozens more.





However …

We feel it’s time to put pen to paper and write some guidelines for guest posts so we can refer anyone who contacts us to these. We believe there could be useful content out there just waiting to be shared with our readers.

Please read the information below. If you feel that you meet these guidelines, then please get in touch and we’ll consider your request.

Our Guidelines

1/ We’d prefer it if you can show us a track record for writing great content.

2/ Please be mindful of any outgoing links – these must be relevant to the readers and not just for your gain. A minimum of four outbound links is requested. Please don’t regurgitate information that is already available. A maximum of two links is allowed on your personal bio (website/Business Facebook Page/Twitter for instance). Referral/Affiliate links will not be accepted.

3/ An initial title and brief outline is required. If accepted, content needs to be a minimum of 500 words, and must be original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. If accepted, once the piece is published on this blog, the ownership remains here. It cannot be posted by you elsewhere. You are welcome to link the post from/to your site.

4/ Grammar and spellings must be accurate.

5/ The subject matter needs to be relevant and helpful to the readers of this blog. If you don’t know what this blog/website is about, then we suggest you take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the posts and pages before submitting a guest post.

6/ Do NOT ask for an author account. Please send any text in a Word document, and any images in jpeg files.

7/ If your guest post is accepted, you will be informed of the publication date. Once the post is published, you are requested to respond appropriately and timely to any comments.

That’s all for now. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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