Areandare Crew Adventuring In Anglesey

Can you believe it's August already? How did that happen? I’ve intentionally not posted since last Sunday, as since then Areandare has sat empty ...

Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich

In case you’re wondering yes I’m safely back on board Areandare after a magical and memorable holiday in Barbados. Wow! What a special place. And how fortunate do I feel to have had such a special time before the world changed? Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it ... well not everything of course. I’ve … Continue reading Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich

A Live-Aboard Transport Dilemma

Since 2009 we've been regularly renting cars from Enterprise. Until recently we've had mostly exceptional service in every branch we've hired from. Our last two experiences, both from the same branch, were disappointing to say the least. We've toyed over buying a cheap runaround car during the past twelve months. Mainly so I could more … Continue reading A Live-Aboard Transport Dilemma