The Home Brew Boat Business Up For Sale!

After almost six years, The Home Brew Boat business is up for sale. Barry has enjoyed sharing his knowledge of home brewing and is ready to hand over ...


Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Just before Christmas I decided it was time to reduce the time I spent on Social Media. Specifically Facebook and Twitter. During the December 2019 election run-up it became strikingly apparent that having these Apps on my phone was becoming addictive. I'm sure you know a little about how Facebook works - its clever algorithms … Continue reading Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Three Fabulous Festivals of 2018

The Home Brew Boat first began trading at canal-related festivals in Droitwich April 2014. Over the following three years the cruising plan was primarily based around planned events from April through to October. This year we decided to make considerable changes. We felt our floating lives were becoming 'same old', and we were at risk … Continue reading Three Fabulous Festivals of 2018