A Live-Aboard Transport Dilemma

Since 2009 we've been regularly renting cars from Enterprise. Until recently we've had mostly exceptional service in every branch we've hired from. Our last two experiences, both from the same branch, were disappointing to say the least. We've toyed over buying a cheap runaround car during the past twelve months. Mainly so I could more … Continue reading A Live-Aboard Transport Dilemma


Barry Becomes A Citizen At Last

When I first persuaded Barry to accompany me back to England to meet my family, in April 2007, I had no idea what the consequences would be! The only way he'd agree to leaving his photography business for three weeks, was if we could fit in a narrowboating break. I paid his fare (I was … Continue reading Barry Becomes A Citizen At Last

Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Just before Christmas I decided it was time to reduce the time I spent on Social Media. Specifically Facebook and Twitter. During the December 2019 election run-up it became strikingly apparent that having these Apps on my phone was becoming addictive. I'm sure you know a little about how Facebook works - its clever algorithms … Continue reading Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Ten Things I Love About Living On A Narrowboat

There's been rather a resurgence of interest around all aspects of the Inland Waterways of UK in recent few years. Including an abundance of TV programs featuring well-known celebrities - Great Canal Journeys, Slow TV, Barging Around Britain, and Celebrity Five Go Barging to name a few. Maybe such exposure will help preserve this historical … Continue reading Ten Things I Love About Living On A Narrowboat