Be CO Safe on the Waterways this Summer

Towards the end of March, we were contacted to enquire if we'd be interested in testing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester-kit from 'Gas Safe Europe'. What a brilliant idea! Regular readers will remember late last year we'd had a bit of a scare when our CO alarm went off in the middle of the night, after high winds … Continue reading Be CO Safe on the Waterways this Summer


Our Valiant Remora Flue Pipe Fan review

In February we were contacted by Valiant, via this blog, enquiring as to whether we’d be interested in reviewing a brand new product on board Areandare. We’d previously used a stove-top fan, but clumsily knocked if off one time too many! Subsequently we chose not to replace it; they're not cheap items and we imagined … Continue reading Our Valiant Remora Flue Pipe Fan review

Some strange synchronistic happenings

Years ago, when I initially ventured to New Zealand in the British autumn of 2001, I treasured the gift of time to read a number of inspirational books. One of these was 'The Celestine Prophesy'. I recall it talked about how people come into your life for a reason, and each one, if you're open … Continue reading Some strange synchronistic happenings