Telling Our Truth About Narrowboat Trading – Gone Live!

We're proud to be in the Narrowboat Experience's mini-series on 'the real narrowboat experiences of the United Kingdom'. Telling it from our perspective ...


Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Just before Christmas I decided it was time to reduce the time I spent on Social Media. Specifically Facebook and Twitter. During the December 2019 election run-up it became strikingly apparent that having these Apps on my phone was becoming addictive. I'm sure you know a little about how Facebook works - its clever algorithms … Continue reading Re-Focussing On Being Present In 2020

Happy Festive Season 2019

The frantic, frenetic, frivolities of the festive season are upon us once again. Boy this year's flown past hasn't it? I usually find myself reflecting on the reasons I find it such a puzzling time. I enjoy it certainly. with reservations ... There's lots I love about it, including an abundance of treasured memories of … Continue reading Happy Festive Season 2019

Celebrating On The Winter Solstice

We're celebrating this weekend. One reason can be shared by many. The other two are rather special for Barry and I. ~ In the northern hemisphere it's the shortest day (usually it's the 21st but I'm reliably informed this year it's the 22nd). Hoorah for the turning of the sun and the promise of lighter … Continue reading Celebrating On The Winter Solstice

The Peak Forest Canal – Marple to Bugsworth Basin

This is another of Barry's random and retro blog posts of photos from our various journeys. This one from Marple to Bugsworth Basin on the Peak Forest Canal back in June. Stopping in Marple we took a short walk down the 16 Marple Locks. It had only recently re-opened after an 18 month repair job … Continue reading The Peak Forest Canal – Marple to Bugsworth Basin