Boating on the Avon River at Bath – Jigsaw Puzzle

Boating on the Avon River at Bath

Before you start the puzzle you can change the default settings to make it as easy or difficult as you like.

See below the puzzle for the instructions …


Change the number of puzzle pieces. (between six and 910 pieces)

Randomly twist the pieces to add an extra degree of difficulty.

You can change the background colour to suit (12 options)

Once you’ve started the puzzle there are more options …

Capture and release pieces (click on the hand then click on a piece to hide it. Show hidden pieces by re-clicking the hand)

Hide all pieces except the border ones.

Show the puzzle image in the background.

0.00 The timer will start once you start playing, pause it by clicking on the clock counter.

Play the puzzle in the window or click to switch to full screen mode.

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