Barry Teutenberg Greeting Cards and Photography

Barry spent 35 years as a professional photographer in Gisborne, New Zealand at D & K Photography. He was the photographer for the majority of schools on the east coast of the north island of NZ; did hundreds of family portraits and weddings; and was also commissioned for commercial work.

In September 2008, he sold the business in readiness for his first planned six-month narrow-boating adventure with Sandra, commencing April 2009.

Swapping the stresses of his previous photographic ventures for the history and natural scenes of the Inland waterways of England and Wales, Barry soon re-discovered a passion for taking photographs. The blog that he and Sandra published soon became a favourite for many, mainly due to the incredible photographs that were posted.

Travelling around 2,000 miles of the system during 2009 and 2010, Barry has a never-ending supply of amazing shots of the majority of routes.

Returning to live and trade on NB Areandare in April 2013, Barry  continued to capture many more amazing images.

He initially chose twenty of his current favourite scenes to make into greeting cards. These can be purchased via The Home Brew Boat website, from the boat, or at festivals where he’s trading.

Purchasing Barry’s wonderful Waterways (and other) Photography

The Greeting Cards collection expanded to 47 in 2019, and can now be purchased via this page – see below …

Full size images of any of the photographs taken by Barry may also be purchased. Please email for further information.


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