A Catch-Up On The Hip-Op

That’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it?

Things have been progressing well with our new lifestyle changes, and Barry’s blood pressure is thankfully now at a safer level. He saw the GP last Wednesday, who got a bit of a grilling from ‘his wife’, as I wanted to be certain we understood all the information being communicated. To be fair to the doctor, he was extremely patient and we didn’t feel at all rushed. He listened to all of our questions and offered his medical opinion on a few challenges.

Barry is now on a double dose of Amlodipine, so 10mg daily, and his BP is around 135-14040/85-90. The plan, we’re told, is to have it stabilised at around 135/85 so we reckon he’s nicely on track to achieve that.

Rather than wait for the GP to contact the Orthopaedic Surgeon, I obtained his secretary’s email address on Friday last week and updated her on Barry’s progress. This morning we’ve had it confirmed that the Total Hip Replacement will now take place on Saturday 4th November (hopefully there won’t be too many fireworks!), so long as he passes the pre-operative assessment booked on 18th October. Which, to be honest, is rather ironic, as he definitely should NOT have ‘passed’ the previous one on 16th August! But I know how the wheels turn in the health service, and policies and procedures should be followed (maybe they’ve tightened this essential one up since their cock-up?).

Moving On

We’re disappointed it’s another six weeks to wait, yet obviously, extremely grateful Barry’s health is improving and we don’t have to wait for months. We’ve felt as if we’re ‘living in limbo’ for the past few weeks so at least we now have something to aim for.

We’ll leave Tattenhall Marina at the end of this month, and slowly head to Northwich Quay Marina where we’re booked to moor up for a few months. It’s a much better place for us, as it’s right in the centre of the town with a myriad of facilities within walking distance. En route, we (the ‘Royal’ we – I won’t actually participate in the blue job at all) will be getting the engine water pump fixed. It’s a Beta-Marine 50hp Mini Prop Gen and said pump is in a difficult-to-reach location, so Barry needs some assistance. Especially when he’s got a rather painful right hip!

Heading Into Autumn

It’s quite a walk to get anywhere from here. The bus stop is already over a mile’s walk away, and on Saturday there were roadworks on the usual bus route, so I had to walk almost 2.5 miles to the only stop. It was rather a pleasant stroll through the village though, and I spotted a few interesting sights along the way. The dewy cobwebs certainly seem a sign of autumn and the increasing cold and darkness approaching …

We can’t complain can we – we left here in November 2022 and completely missed the last British winter!

Visitors On Board

Our gorgeous middle grandson came for a sleepover on Saturday, hence the need for a bus journey, and as I brought him back to the boat in our son-in-law’s car, we drove to Egg Bridge in Waverton for a spot of (sadly unsuccessful) fishing.

This weekend more Kiwi friends from Gisborne are visiting. In July, Judi and Jasper stayed with us for almost a week and we had lots of fun. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to share any of it here yet! This time it’s Ali, Gary and Jade, who previously stayed on board in 2014 when we were at Hebden Bridge. English friends, Sara and Fred, who many years ago lived and worked in Gisborne, are also coming. It promises to be a fun weekend which is much needed after the stress of the last few weeks 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Catch-Up On The Hip-Op

  1. Really glad Barry has a new date for his op, he’s very fortunate to not have to wait longer. I’m sure waiting has left you in limbo somewhat, but now you have a date to aim towards it should be easier.
    Mick is on the same drug and dose, although when we’re nearer the GP they want to try him on a different drug.
    We wish you both well and a pleasant journey to Northwich.
    Pip and Mick
    NB Oleanna

    • Hi Pip & Mick, yes indeed we’re feeling thankful to have a date in the not too distant future.

      I wonder why the GP wants to change the drug, if it’s working? Hopefully not because the drug rep is bending his ear … That’s the cynical ex-nurse in me 😉

      Thank you for your best wishes, you both take care x

      • The change was instigated by Mick. It’s because since they upped his dose he now has swollen ankles. He needs to have a blood test two weeks after the change of drug, hence not doing it until we are closer.

        • Aha, the dreaded swollen ankles! Barry hasn’t got this common side-effect – yet! He did wake me up at 1.30am two days after he started on one tablet, as he had severe pins and needles down his left arm. It was quite freaky – 111 call and on-call GP/Nurse discussion, and we were reassured. Nothing else awry since starting so fingers (and toes) crossed.

          Hope you get it all sorted. I’m hoping the lower salt and alcohol lifestyle will help Barry’s BP too 😉

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