Barry’s UK Images August 2021 Onwards (Part 1)

Well, at last, a few (of Barry’s) images of where we’ve been since returning from New Zealand last year. If you’ve read Sandra’s posts since then, you’ll recognise a few of the locations.

Basically, we moved from Debdale Wharf Marina after picking up the boat, then to Market Harborough for a couple of days. Next, we went up the Foxton Lock Flight and onto the Grand Union Canal; the longest canal on the system. We continued travelling northwest on our way to Nantwich, and subsequently historic Chester, one of our favourite UK cities, where we spent the winter. (But you know all this …)

Meanwhile, I had a visit to the quirky town of Glastonbury, for a Calendar Club UK training – and we fitted in a family trip to Cornwall visiting a couple of tin mines with brothers-in-law Dave and Ray. There was Eastpool Tin Mine, then Levant with a working beam engine (we did an underground tour), and Geevor Tin Mine. After that, we drove to Bottallack, where the 2015 TV series Poldark was filmed. We’d previously visited there in February 2018. Afterwards, we enjoyed a splendid couple of hours at the colourful fishing port of Mevagissey, for a bit of a photography outing. Ray is a keen amateur photographer.

The slideshow below covers this time period.

My next post will get us to Chester, again fitting in a trip to the southwest for the Calendar Club builds, as well as Sandra and I spending a weekend with Viv and Ray in Exeter exploring the fabulous Powderham Castle.

We do get about!

Click on the first image to begin the slideshow …

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    • Hi Alison, Thank you for your query about the jigsaw puzzles. I didn’t have any plans for anymore puzzles just yet but you may have inspired me to do another series… It won’t be straight away as they’re very time consuming but I’ll work on something. Any suggestions on images you like? Cheers Barry

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