Our New Home

Barry and I would like to introduce our readers to ‘NZAreandare’. We’ll be sharing our land based adventures in New Zealand with you here, and on our Facebook page, over the coming months …

Thank you to Wenderkreisen Auckland for sorting out the few things that weren’t quite as expected today.

Barry is behind the wheel for the first time since March 2017, not the tiller this time!

4 thoughts on “Our New Home

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  2. So, I asked in the email, if you were blogging about your new home, went back to my email, and there it was!
    Enjoy a new kind of nomadic life for a bit. Looking forward to seeing you in a month or so!

    • 😂 yes that’s why I decided last year to re-name the website from ‘Adventures Aboard Areandare’ to Barry and Sandra so we could legitimately blog about wherever we are 😉

      Looking forward to seeing you both x

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