Finally IN New Zealand

After an incredibly convoluted, complex and challenging journey to our ‘second home country’, finally, we really are back IN New Zealand. Following two weeks of ‘confinement’ and little physical contact with anyone else, it was quite surreal to be ‘out’ yesterday. It was and is, however, absolutely fabulous!

We managed to snap a shot of the Sudima from the outside, then saw it from inside the airport! It was interesting seeing it from a new perspective.

There’s another MIQ facility in the airport grounds, whose exercise area is literally ON the path we took. We’re grateful that wasn’t our isolation destination.

And Back To Auckland

Everyone from our hotel who’d arrived with us, and wanted to go back to Auckland, went in a specially chartered Air New Zealand flight. We were all still well-spaced, and the cabin crew gave us a wonderful kiwi welcome. The lovely Anthony not only offered to take our photo together, but he also got in with us on a shot. Thank you, Air New Zealand, for carrying us so far. It’s undoubtedly been stressful at times, but I’ve always felt we’re with the best airline in the world.

Going Separate Ways

I’ve got a confession to make. In Friday’s post I told a few white lies. Once we knew the time of our fight from Christchurch, we could attempt to get our Gisborne flights changed to Saturday. One of us did. One didn’t!

My gorgeous kiwi friends Bev and Blair had offered to pick us up. Barry’s son Tom had his ‘rescheduled for us’ 30th birthday party last night, and his daughter Jamie was already up from Christchurch. Consequently, it was a no brainier. Once at the Domestic Departures in Auckland Airport, we asked if there were any ‘standby’ seats but sadly not. So yesterday Barry flew to Gisborne and I stayed south of Auckland. I suspect we both had fabulous nights – just very different experiences!

On the way to their home, we stopped off for a delicious lunch – and I had a side of bacon. I’ve been craving it for two weeks! Last night we had home-cooked pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven. Paul, our friend from the ‘Baked Onboard’, boat, would’ve loved it!

In the evening Bev and I had a long local walk. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to walk on New Zealand soil – not round and round a car park or garden! I guess it’s a tiny glimpse of how it feels to be let out of prison. This morning from the guest bedroom, I saw the sun rising.

I’m so thankful we can now begin to really enjoy being here.

Today we’ve been to check out a camper van Barry found online last week. It may be one we’ll buy, time will tell. We stopped off for coffees, with polenta fries and kumara wedges, before dropping me back at the airport. I’ve no doubt we’ll both be back up in a few weeks …

In Paradise One Again

By the time you read this, I’ll be back in my paradise. Gisborne. The first city in the world to see the sunrise each day.

I’m writing from Auckland Airport, as I wait for MY flight. You’ll get the post Sunday evening at 8pm if you’re in New Zealand, or 9am if you’re in the UK.

On Wednesday next week, I’ll share a few precious things from Tairawhiti 😉

6 thoughts on “Finally IN New Zealand

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  3. Welcome home. Thank you so much for all your posts, its been great to read of your time in MIQ – you have made it into a holiday! Positive as ever!

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