MIQ Day 11 – Happily Connecting And Eating

This morning began early. My alarm was set for a 7.15 am start to get ready for a House Party at 7.30 am with the three ‘old’ (!) school friends I went to Barbados with, in March, just before ‘the time when the world changed’.

I was so engrossed in being present with them that I forgot to take a photo of this morning’s breakfast. It wasn’t too exciting, to be honest. I’m sure you’re not concerned! Cornflakes, a pain au chocolat, and an orange. Perfectly fine and the same as one day last week.

It was a little unnerving eating cereal whilst they drank glasses of wine!

New Connections

I managed to get the contact details of one of the lovely women we met whilst travelling here almost two weeks ago. Yesterday she told me of a Facebook Group that’s set up to help returning kiwi’s navigate the MIQ experience. I joined last night and already I’ve discovered information I hadn’t known previously. I wish I’d known about it months ago! If you’re reading this before coming to New Zealand, or are already in MIQ, check out the group. You’ll need to answer questions first to clarify the reasons for joining.

This morning we ‘met’ with Charlotte for our daily walk and compared notes about our experiences. It was good to hear she’s doing fine too.

One of the gifts I’ve gained from the FB group is a free YouTube yoga series. I’ve even done the ‘Fundamentals Of Ease’ this afternoon with ‘Yoga By Adrien’. It was delightful. I’m not good at committing to any exercise program, but I’m aware anytime I’ve practised yoga regularly I’ve felt a lot better.

Keeping Barry Happy

One of the things Barry missed whilst living in the UK is kumara. We actually found some once, in a supermarket. But it’s extremely rare. Mostly the sweet potatoes in the UK are from the Caribbean – the orange ones.

Today’s dinner menu made him very happy!

Not a scrap of food was left on either of our paper plates! It was delicious. There’s no way I’ll be competing with the food we’ve been provided with once we’re ‘let out’.

I missed posting the chef’s dessert last night, so he’s a double dose especially for Pip:

We’ll be returning to no puddings, or just fruit next week, but it’s been such a treat to have something sweet and pretty each evening. Thank you, chef.

I don’t think our one walk out side, and a couple of cycles on the exercise bike, will prevent all the food we’re getting increasing our weight!

Almost Finished

Our time in MIQ has flown. It’s gone TOO quickly, to be honest. We’ve only got two more full days, and three nights to go. Well, that’s if the COVID-19 12-day test, to be taken tomorrow, comes back negative for us both. Then we just have to pass the health check in the silly hours of the morning on Saturday.

We still don’t know what time our flight to Auckland will be on Saturday, and we’re told it’s unlikely we will until sometime on Friday.

My intention tomorrow is to take some time to reflect on our experiences here, and write about our tips for not just surviving but thriving. We can only talk about how it’s been for us; everyone’s perspectives will be different depending on circumstances, of course. But if ours can help anyone we’re happy to share.

I’ll sign off with a view of the Southern Alps this evening. You can just spot them in the distance. We’ll surely miss this spectacular view …

2 thoughts on “MIQ Day 11 – Happily Connecting And Eating

  1. Good to know you are nearly through it! Well done for maintaining such a sense of humour and calm – you have set a very good example!

    I think you need to put aside at least a couple of hours to repack those cases! And keep your masks handy – as you will have seen, they are mandatory on public transport now.

    Virtual hugs, Marilyn

    • I know it’s gone really quickly. I’m fortunate to have my online work which has kept me well occupied but still managed to enjoy lots of other more enjoyable pastimes too.

      I think most of Friday will be taken up packing and sorting! Mask 😷 wearing isn’t a problem. I’m used to it already from the UK where we’ve been wearing them in shops and public transport for many weeks 😉

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