MIQ Day 9 – A Quiet Day

There are only five sleeps to go now before our expected ‘release’ day on Saturday 5th September. So long as our day 12 COVID-19 tests are negative, and we pass the health check three hours before 8.15 am that day (I’m not completely convinced they’ll be round at 5.15 am!), we should receive our papers to allow us to leave. We won’t hear until probably the day before, what time the flight that returns us to Auckland will be.

Is It Groundhog Day?

There’s a slight difference in the days, depending on whether it’s the every-other-day temperature and health check. Otherwise, it’s just a case of whether we get a call from the Wellbeing Team. Or a call from a friend or family. I did treat myself to a weekend off work, so the cross-stitch was a nice distraction from the screen.

This morning we wondered if we’d be caught in a ‘loop’ menu-wise when breakfast was almost the same as last Monday. Waffles, honey and orange juice. Though today there was an addition of yoghurt with fruit on top.

We were thankful to find the menu wasn’t a repeat, but new and delicious dishes.

I’ve been back ‘at work’ today, finishing a new account build that goes ‘live’ tomorrow at 9 pm, 10 am UK time. Barry’s been playing with our very popular page called ‘The Costs of Living On A Narrowboat‘. I love what he’s done – check it out. The images he’s chosen cleverly match the text.

Where’s Everyone Gone?

We went outside for our daily walk around 3 pm. There was no-one else there for about half an hour. Then only another couple of couples. We wondered if everyone had left and we hadn’t been told! Maybe we were later than usual …

There’s strong southerly winds forecast and rain tomorrow, so we’re unlikely to be going out at all.

No pudding photo for Pip this evening, I couldn’t resist eating it whilst we chatted on Messenger with Barry’s brother Ray. I can reveal it was a delicious chocolate icing topped banana cake!

It’s been a quiet day all round …

3 thoughts on “MIQ Day 9 – A Quiet Day

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  2. Hi guys. Long time fan here. Funny thing is, I’ve been following your blog from here in NZ where I’ve been recently managing the very Isolation and Quarantine Facility in which you’re currently installed. Bit weird! Nice to see you’re doing well! Andy

    • Kia Ora Andy. That’s serendipitous! So you’re not here any longer? It’s a great place. We feel extremely fortunate to be here. 99.9% of the people we’ve engaged with have been brilliant. Really professional, kind and caring. You must’ve managed it excellently 😉

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