MIQ Day 8 – Feeling Spring-Like Again

I recall watching the trees budding and blossom sprouting as winter turned to spring during late March in the UK. We were ‘locked down’ near Nantwich, in our ‘flag bubble’ mooring. Five months later, here we are in New Zealand as Mother Nature performs her magic in the opposite hemisphere.

We awoke (languishingly late!) to another gloriously sunny outlook. One of the downsides of the room we’re in for the 14 days, is the lack of an opening window. So we have no access to fresh air. Only the dreaded drying air conditioning. We do however have a fabulous vista. It’s also possible to walk to the end of the corridor, and down two flights of stairs, in order to feel the sun’s warmth and breathe the New Zealand air. Albeit through a mask!

Talking of which, after seeing the suited young man ‘telling off’ another MIQ guest (we are guests, not criminals!), I fed back my distaste to the awesome Wellbeing Team. They were excellent and informed me moves are afoot to communicate with clarity the rationale for this rule and ensure everyone knows so we’re no longer treated like naughty schoolchildren.

Blossoming Saplings

On a brighter note, today I noticed the four young saplings at the far end of the exercise area (the hotel’s side car park), have suddenly begun sprouting leaves and blossom.

From June 2008 to June 2011, I managed to miss winter in either hemisphere. I loved it! It’s such a gift, for me, to be skipping from summer to spring to summer again. I’m SO looking forward to sinking my feet into the soft sand of Wainui Beach, where I lived when I first came to NZ in the NZ spring of 2001. It’s also where Barry and I wed in December 2009.

Do you recall, in March 1970, 59 sperm whales died after swimming into the shallows during a storm and “...died in a seething, bleeding mass.”? That tragic event occurred at the northern end of this spectacularly beautiful beach. Their graves remain there, fenced off.

The burying of the whales took four days and nights. According to the GDC Lysnar Reserve Management report lime was poured over the bones to aid the decomposition and to render the whalebone useless for carving, which would in turn deter would-be bone carvers from plundering the grave. The area was then fenced to stop people from disturbing the site, as well as to stop anyone falling into possible cavities left after the whales had decomposed”

OUR HISTORY: The Day The Whales Died

Fabulous Food

It may be becoming monotonous talking about the food we eat. But for us, and others in MIQ facilities across New Zealand, it’s three of the highlights of each day. Apart from the ability to request a particular diet, we basically get what we’re given and like it – or not.

Breakfast this morning was spot-on. It consisted of a savoury muffin (an NZ speciality), a bowl of fresh fruit, a bottle of fresh orange juice, and another sweet carrot and almond muffin. I think they must have a job lot of the latter. We’ve got an increasing stash collecting we’re unlikely to consume before ‘release day’.

The chicken and corn chowder for lunch (another kiwi favourite) was divine! We probably should’ve resisted the garlic bread, but we’re weak and succumbed quickly. The roast lamb was delicious – and Chef’s Dessert tonight Pip was a mini Magnum! I’ll need to do a bit more cycling shortly …

I’ve spent my time wisely completing my self-employed tax return for 2019/20, intermingled with a spot more cross stitch. Barry continued work on the website and finalised an automated ‘review’ system for his ‘Greeting Cards‘ and ‘Digital Jigsaws‘ online shops. There’s no boredom happening here.

9 thoughts on “MIQ Day 8 – Feeling Spring-Like Again

  1. Fun as always to read about your life in isolation. Is that an exercise bike in the room? If so you ought to be able to cycle off the garlic bread effect plus that of the muffins! Boy I could do with someone who knows how to do websites on the spot right now as I battle to work out how to do mine in order to present my final portfolio for SIT’s Diploma in Photography. CAn’t decide whether to go with WIX or Adobe Portfolio (being free) but gotta make better progress one way or the other shortly as D-day is looming. You will be welcome to your paddle on the beach (or was it just the sand you want between your toes?) as it’s pretty chilly. But yes, isn’t it good to see the trees bursting into blossom and loads of little lambs in all the paddocks here now. See you in Gisborne soonish. Jan

    • Hi Jan. It is a cycle we’re hiring for $15 a day. Once it’s in our room we have it for the duration. It’s very useful that’s for sure!

      Oh dear re the website. They can be very complex. We pay for a Business WordPress site. It’s not cheap!! Barry is brilliant at making it look professional, but only when he has time and energy to focus on it. Thank goodness for MIQ 😂

      It’s mostly the sand. Just walking in the beach. I love being BY the sea and listening to the sounds of the ocean. Not so keen on IN. I have gazillions of happy memories of times past on Wainui beach. Alone and with others. It’s my ‘happy place’ 💜

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