MIQ Day 7 – Enjoying A Day Off

That sounds odd, doesn’t it? A day off Managed Isolation? How can that be? No, a day off ‘work’ with far less screen time than for the first seven days of MIQ. Today I picked up the cross stitch ‘lace plate‘ I commenced sometime in 2009 during our inaugural six-month UK canals journey. It’s not seen the light of days for years! I’m hopeful that I’ll gift myself the time and space to enjoy completing it in the coming months.

Today’s Highlights

It’s been a pleasingly pleasant day as we pass the halfway mark – already! I seriously can’t believe this time next week we’ll be ‘free’ to walk around outside without masks on. Admittedly we’ll still have to wear them at the airport and on the flight.

Jamie, Barry’s daughter, messaged yesterday to say she’d be coming to revisit us, with her partner and daughter. How fantastic to be so close to her. Barry and I have decided we’re in the best location out of the NZ MIQ facilities. We feel very fortunate.

It’s been a gloriously sunny day, with temperatures around 16 degrees. Tomorrow is forecast 19! Not too shabby for the end of winter aye? On our walk around the exercise area, we caught up with someone we’d chatted to at length in Hong Kong airport. At a 2 meter distance of course). It was fabulous to see you again, Tom.

The eight items of washing I’d sent to the laundry in a paper bag two days ago returned to our door as if by magic this morning. Phew! I don’t believe I’ve ever previously used a hotel’s washing service, so it was a relief to get everything back nicely washed and folded. Thank you whoever you are.

Two friendly nurses popped by after lunch to check how we are and take our temperatures. They’ve done this every two days since arrival. Our aural temperatures are generally verging on the hypothermic side, and have never been above 36.5 degrees celsius. They informed us that we must have a second COVID-19 swab test on Thursday, that needs to be negative, then three hours before ‘release’, we must have a final health check. We’re hoping that doesn’t mean we’ll be woken up at 5.15 am on Saturday 5th September!

Food Glorious Food

Breakfast disappointed again today, and I was thankful for the Vogel bread and avocado for Barry. I’m going to do another Countdown shop for Vegemite (I’m craving it, we usually have some each morning), peanut butter (Barry’s favourite not mine), and a few other bits and pieces. It’ll be the last one as we have no spare luggage space.

The battered fish and chips were delicious at lunch-time, though Barry’s struggling with the excess of fish. He’s not used to it. I, on the other hand, am adoring it! I love fish. But then I didn’t almost choke on a fishbone one New Years Eve miles from anywhere …

It was, however, horrifying to find two cans of cc in our lunch bag – why on earth would anyone think we want to drink that revolting (IMHO) sugar-and-goodness-knows-what-other-rubbish? I wouldn’t give them the benefit of marketing by posting their name or a photo here. Barry drank his can, but I haven’t touched the stuff for years, and I’m certainly not starting now!

So it’s a case of ‘swings and roundabouts’ for us as far as food and beverages go. We’re incredibly grateful for all of it regardless.

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6 thoughts on “MIQ Day 7 – Enjoying A Day Off

  1. Loving your daily updates, keep going. As you probably know from Kim it’s been cold here in the UK and we know several people who have either lit a fire or had the heating on! It’s August, for heaven’s sake! You’re so lucky going into the warmth and sunshine of spring, we got home at 8.30 last night and it was 9 degrees! However we do have a busy whanau week to look forward to, culminating with all the tribe here on Saturday – can’t wait! Keep smiling! x

    • Kim has the fire lit tonight Phil 😉
      I’m so looking forward to a sunny day walking into Wainui Beach. However not wishing the days away as we’re perfectly fine here.
      Enjoy whanau time. The reason you returned to the UK will keep you smiling even in the British weather I’m sure 😉

  2. My goodness, you would have a lifetime’s cross stitch images to do if you wanted to turn Barry’s photos into cross stitch! But maybe you could design some and sell them with the jigsaw puzzles, telling them just what threads they need etc! Just in case you have some idle time…..! Imagine ‘managed isolation’ is much better than a quarantine ‘barracks’ especially if it was Waiouru though looking out on the mountain scenery wouldn’t be too bad and the cold might kill any rogue bugs! Wonder what will happen tomorrow – sounds too many daily cases for a change in levels to me but by the images of hundreds of Aucklanders at the beach today it would seem people won’t tolerate a level 3 lockdown any longer – for better or for worse! Jan

    • Hi Jan. Great idea but only if Barry wants to take it on 😂. My fascinating online ‘job’ pays a fairly decent income so we have (almost) enough time live on. No time for sidelines for me just hobbies where possible 😂

      Yes it’s going to be interesting to watch what happens over the next days, weeks and months in Aotearoa …

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