MIQ Day 6 – In Trouble At Almost Halfway

Time in MIQ is speeding by. Tomorrow morning will be our halfway point. We still haven’t worked out a way to get back to Gisborne on 5th September, apart from staying overnight in Auckland next Saturday and getting the Sunday afternoon flight Air New Zealand booked for us in the belief (theirs, not ours) that we had to stay in MIQ till then! I’m sure we’ll come up with a solution soon …

Mask Making

The fabulous Jacinda wrote a Facebook post this afternoon (NZ time) discussing making face coverings at home. She suggested looking at Dr Michelle Dickinson’s YouTube tutorial about making a simple face-covering in under 10 seconds! There’s literally no excuse for anyone who has a handkerchief and two elastic bands or hair ties:

I’ve been using the ‘Eat, Pray’ Create’ pattern my friend Helen recommended, and have made a number of cotton masks. They’ve got three layers, one of which is ironed-on interfacing. I brought my hand-held sewing machine with me, and more ‘crazy paua’ fabric. This morning I made another mask- this time with ‘behind the head’ elastic. I found the behind the ears ones almost caused blisters when I wore a mask from Heathrow through to Christchurch.

Getting An Unexpected Ticking Off

On our walk this afternoon, I wore the newly made mask. I’ve previously worn my purple mask and seen several others wearing their home-made ones – especially children. It turns out this is ‘not allowed’. I’ve never seen anything that says we must wear the surgical masks provided and not home-made ones. I know now, after a severe-looking young man in a suit, who I think works for Sudima, approached me directly to inform me of this fact, and request I return to our room immediately and ‘change’ the mask.

I’ve since re-looked at all the paperwork given to us, and I honestly can’t see where it states this. The only notices posted around the hotel and exercise area, state masks MUST be worn outside the room at all times (in capital letters). I haven’t seen anywhere it stating they must be the surgical type. I guess it’s because the surgical masks are disposable and single-use. Whereas home-made ones need to be washed? We’ve got washing powder in the room, very hot water, and are conscious of the need to wash cloth masks after wearing each time.

I must say it’s the first time I’ve felt uncomfortable since arriving back in NZ. I’ve seen many other people in their own masks; I believe they fit far better than the flimsy surgical ones I see people touching incessantly because they’re slipping down. However, if those are the rules, I shall unquestionably comply. I suspect by tomorrow there’ll be a notice somewhere making this clear to everyone, so other’s don’t receive a similar ‘ticking off’.

Soon To Be Mandatory In NZ

As of Monday 31st August, it’ll be mandatory to wear a face-covering on public transport in New Zealand. Few will have ‘surgical masks’. Time for us to sew our own and have enough available.


Wash fabric masks to highest temperature material can withstand with detergent and water either by hand or in a washing machine.”

How To Wear A Mask – Ministry of Health NZ


Other News

Barry and I have both now received an email from the ‘Fees and Waivers Team|Managed Isolation’, thankfully informing us we’re exempt from charges for MIQ. It’s a relief to know; not that we doubted it. Barry is a citizen, I have permanent residency, and we’re back in NZ for more than 90 days.

Breakfast wasn’t so great today.

The main component was an egg mayonnaise and lettuce sandwich (not my cup of tea at all). However, the chia frappe with fruit jus (I think that’s what it was) was divine. Luckily I had some cornflakes saved from the other day. It must be tough to try and cater to everyone’s differing tastes.

We’ve splashed out again this evening on a NZ$28 bottle of Pinot Noir. After all, it’s costing us nothing to be ‘stuck’ here apart from our time. Another delicious ‘chef’s dessert’ Pip 🙂

Tonight is night seven. After that, there’s seven nights left. Hopefully we won’t be doing any more rule-breaking before we’re ‘released’!

5 thoughts on “MIQ Day 6 – In Trouble At Almost Halfway

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  2. If you fly to auckland let us know and we will collect you both and take you to the airport for your flight to Gisborne you can stay here a night or two bev

  3. Hi Sandra. Thought you might be interested that the Covid Symptom Tracker today has asked if I am reporting from Nantwich or elsewhere. I’ve been able to change the postcode and it looks like I may be able to do it again. Suspect they’ve added it due to people travelling around more on holidays.

    • Oh hoorah! I deleted the App a day or two ago as I saw no point in having it anymore. Thank goodness they’ve managed to get that sorted. I guess the funding they’ve finally got from the government has helped 😉

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