MIQ Day 5 – Productivity And Connectivity

Five days into our Managed Isolation, and we’re over a third through the requisite 14 days already. I don’t think we’re ‘suffering’ at all, apart from the extreme alcohol limitations. Perfectly understandable of course; everyone reacts differently Barry is being heroic in that department, uncomplaining and compliant which I’m most impressed with. The only place we can buy alcohol from is the hotel bar, and the prices are far more than we’re used to or can afford, so we’re strictly limiting ourselves! Which is no bad thing health-wise I’m sure?

Keeping In Touch

The availability of free WIFI at the hotel is terrific. We had a lovely FaceTime catch-up with Lisa, Rob and Kim this morning after their busy day of birthday celebrations. Later this morning a friend from Gisborne called via Facebook Messenger, and we chatted for almost an hour. Then this afternoon Barry connected with his best friend in Gisborne via WhatsApp. Marvellous 😉

We’ve yet to work out which mobile phone or provider we’ll get for New Zealand. We were given free Vodafone SIM cards on arrival, but we’re not sure that’s the best way to go. We’ll need a mobile WIFI device too. With as much data as possible and affordable. I think we’re going to have to wait until we can physically go into a phone shop to decide. The current contract on my UK phone with Three comes with Global Roaming for three months, so there’s no rush. But if anyone has any recommendations, please let us know below or send us an email via our contact page.

Food Glorious Food!

There’s not much excitement going on here to be fair, but the three delivered meals a day are one of the highlights! Initially, we were somewhat disappointed in breakfast, but they’re now improving day-by-day. This morning was the best so far. Ham and vegetable quiche, a pineapple frappe, a banana, an apricot pastry (delightful with the trim flat white I order each morning), and the seemingly obligatory chewy muesli bar! It’s the one meal that’s cold and arrives without announcement, so it must be a bit of catering challenge.

Our lunchtime ‘treat’ was two cans of ‘pop’. We rarely if ever have such a thing, as it’s so sugar-laden, but the Lemon and Paeroa ‘Good Lemony Stuff’ proved an irresistible kiwi favourite we felt compelled to share and enjoy.

Another marvellous menu – I’m going to miss this luxury when we leave!

Digital Jigsaw Completion

Many people have enquired as to how Barry is spending his time here. Well, I’m happy to report last night he completed a project he’s been working on for many weeks. Having this enforced ‘downtime’ has been brilliant as he’s managed to finish and publish his first series of Digital Jigsaw Puzzles, using some of his extraordinary images on the UK Inland Waterways. He’s worked so hard to get to this stage, and it’s a relief to finally be able to open it up for people to purchase. I’ll be working my way through them now too. It’s such a gloriously mindful pastime.

You can choose how many pieces the jigsaw contains, have only the frame showing initially, mix up the parts, so they’re jumbled, change the background colour – so many combinations.

You can buy the first set for only £3.50, or whatever the amount converts to depending on your currency, and they’re yours for life to play with at your leisure. Barry’s now working on the next series.


Spring Is In The Air

We’ve got a great view of the front of the hotel, to watch the weather change. I suspect the end of winter here is akin to the end of summer in the UK! The daily temperatures aren’t too dissimilar if you look at Friday and Saturday’s predictions below. On the left is our current location, on the right where Areandare is residing:

The car park outside is frequently almost full, including police and security vehicles. It’s a mammoth task coordinating MIQ facilities.

Making The Days Count

We’re not really counting the days in a desperate way of wanting to get out. Just planning our next moves once we do. One thing’s for sure, it’s a splendid way to recover from the jet-lag from flying halfway around the world!

Which means we’re making each day count 😉

17 thoughts on “MIQ Day 5 – Productivity And Connectivity

  1. Tried out the free “try out” puzzle, and was very happy with how it all worked. I used only 300 pieces, I like around 1000, so they take me weeks in my spare time, so I am very happy that that is a choice too. I see that Series 2 was available as well, so happily purchased both series.

    • Fantastic! They’re brilliant aren’t they? You’re the first to buy series two hot off the press! 😍

  2. Hi Sandra and Barry, We are really enjoying your posts about your time in MIQ. Chris’ brother lives in Christchurch, so we have been keeping up with how well NZ have managed Covid. I love the idea of digital jigsaws and have just placed an order for the first set. Take care. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

    • Hi Jennie and Chris. I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts, even staying in one place so long there’s things to share. Nothing too exciting though 😂
      Enjoy your digital jigsaws. 😉

  3. Will definitely check out the puzzles. I have been doing digital jigsaws for about 20 years and always have one on the go.

    • Awesome. Barry took a lot of time choosing the images that would work from his extensive collection 😉

  4. Skinny is OK but 2º (2degrees) is better IMNSHO. 2º is why New Zealanders have carry over date and relatively cheap rates. Definitely avoid Vodafone and Spark.

    • Cheers Dave. I’m intrigued. IMHO I know. But what’s IMNSHO? My gut says not to use the ‘free’ Vodafone sim. No such thing as a free lunch aye? Just a bigger marketing budget!

  5. Look at Skinny( cheap version of Spark) I use it all the time in my motorhome and carryover data keeps me going. Much cheaper than elsewhere. I was with Vodafone for 30 years and have definitely not regretted the change.

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