MIQ Day 3 – Test Day

Today was the first COVID-19 compulsory MIQ test day. We waited apprehensively, hoping someone would come early enough for us to be able to go outside for our daily fresh air and exercise. Around 3 pm, we heard voices in the corridor and knew the nurse was approaching.

Oh, my goodness! Someone had told me the swab reaches the back of your nostril and it’s eye-watering. They weren’t wrong. Admittedly it’s over in seconds. But boy it’s rather revolting. I’d love to be able to tell anyone reading who hasn’t had one that it’s pain-free, but I’d be lying. I guess if it’s not performed correctly, there’s no point and it’s less likely to give an accurate result. I chose to go first to get it out of the way!

To the naysayers who still think that the world is ‘over-reacting’ to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Although the virus behind covid-19 is less deadly than the one that causes SARS in a given single case, that does not mean that it is less dangerous on the whole. On the contrary, it harms many more people.”

… a thin cotton swab shoved up your nostril beats a thick plastic tube jammed down your trachea. And though some people resist face masks, perhaps they will come to see that they’re better than closing the economy or counting body-bags. Given the epidemiology of the virus, the best response is to do what has been voiced by health officials but not always adhered to in our communities. Until an effective vaccine is developed and becomes widely available, minimise social interactions, keep our physical distance, implement widespread testing and yes, wear masks.”


A Swift Change Of Subject!

I’m not going to dwell on those aforementioned negative few seconds. Please don’t be put off if you need a test. Instead, I want to celebrate the change in breakfast this morning. I was ecstatic to find cereal (cornflakes) and A BOWL in our paper bag breakfast today. It may be hard to understand how such a small thing can make a difference! I’d been about to phone reception and ask for a bowl, so I could at least boil some water and make my instant porridge.

There was even ‘real’ milk, rather than UHT. A juicy sweet orange, and a small pastry too, which I felt obliged to consume with my trim flat white this morning! Excellent thank you, chef.

The Vogel and avocado were from our Countdown delivery. Is it just me or do the avocados in NZ taste infinitely superior to the ones we get in the UK?

Another treat this morning was a cup of Healtheries fruit tea that I’ve been craving since the last time we were in NZ. I’ve never found anything comparable in the UK. What a very happy bunny I was – until the nasal trauma event 😉

The meals have been tasty enough again today if a little lukewarm – we even enjoyed them on paper plates that we bought from Countdown. I’m not entirely sure why we’re not allowed to have proper plates or bowls. I’m taking an educated guess it’s a money-saving exercise? Would they have to throw them away after we leave? It’s like a never-ending kids party buffet.

Activities And Amusements

How much can one do when forced to stay in one room for two weeks? It’s going to be a daily challenge!

This morning I gave myself a hair cut. One of the advantages of curly hair is it doesn’t need to have a perfectly straight edge! It’s not difficult to cut it curl-by-curl, and it feels much less ‘frizzy’ now. I’m relishing enjoying a long hot shower each morning, and a relaxing bath every evening. It’s so blissful. It wouldn’t be such a blessing, I guess, to those used to living in a spacious house with unlimited hot water – and a bath! Such simple pleasures mean a lot to me.

We’ve not left the room today, apart from the short walk to the end of the corridor to dispose of our rubbish. We had to wait in for the COVID test, by which time the weather had turned nasty. Howling wind and driving rain. Not conducive to a stroll around the car park! I did, however, fit in a ten-minute bike ride which raised my heartrate significantly!

On the positive side, I’ve been flat out with keyword research for the new Google Ads account I’m building, which has kept my brain well occupied. In a pleasant way. I enjoy my work, thankfully!

Barry’s focus today’s been on getting a few draft posts with some of his fabulous photos. You may be having the pleasure of those soon to break the monotony of my daily MIQ postings!

16 thoughts on “MIQ Day 3 – Test Day

  1. The time is wizzing by Sandra.!,, it will be day fourteen in no time. You seem to be kept busy and it looks like food and beverages ok. Bev

    • It sure is! I keep forgetting what day it is though 😂
      We’re definitely not ‘suffering’ in any shape or form 😉

    • Hi Marion. Yes they do. If you have dietary needs they will cater for them they are really excellent. All we have to do is phone reception and if they can do or bring what we ask they will. We just try and not be too much trouble. I’m sure they all have more than enough to do.
      Love that you’re reading the daily updates. Sad we haven’t been able to catch up recently. Maybe next year? Much love xx

    • Hi Maureen! How lovely to hear from you. I’ll do my best to make them interesting to take your mind off the British weather 😂

  2. I’m interested to know what you get for the Chef’s Dessert?
    Driving rain and wind are what we have here in York today, not so good on the river! We’ll be playing the flood game again later today, if only we hadn’t arranged to meet my family we could be back on the canals by now!

    • First night we didn’t get one! When I walked down the corridor to drop the rubbish into the bin I peeked into someone else’s paper bag and there were two there. I was tempted to swipe them but stopped myself in time 😝

      Since then it’s been a small piece of sponge cake and cream. Very light. Sweet. Welcomed. I’ll get a photo tomorrow of the desert just for you 😋

    • Fingers crossed the Ouse doesn’t do what it sometimes does! I recall being paranoid about waking up on the river to find ourselves marooned on our first narrowboating six months in 2009. We haven’t been back since. Not from fear just not been on our itinerary. I do love York though. Keep safe!

  3. I am finding your posts very helpful to see life in isolation clearly from the perspective of a couple of sensible people!
    I am aware it won’t be all sweetness and light, however I know you two will keep us updated and make the best of it all!
    I think NZ fruit and veg taste better than the UK ones – in the main because most of what you eat here is grown here. That is not the case in the UK, and the importing timeframes mean they are harvested before being ripe, therefore they have not had the time to develop full flavour.
    Kia kaha, Mxx

    • Hi Marilyn. I think we’ve come into this with our eyes open and I’d read a daily diary on FB a while ago. I’ve actually been looking forward to it which some may find bizarre! I believe we can choose our perspective over what comes into our life. Sometimes we have the power to choose. Sometimes we have no control. But always we have the power to look for the gifts or see the problems.

      I totally agree about the fruit and veg here. They taste like they’re supposed to. One of the many things I adore about my adopted ‘home’ country. It’s SO amazing to be back at last. 💜

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