Second Stage Successful So Far

We enjoyed a good night’s sleep in the huge Premier Inn bed last night. My timing for the alarm could’ve been improved – we didn’t leave sufficient time for a half hour wait for breakfast to be served! But never mind. That’s a minor point. The hotel was extremely well managed with hand sanitiser freely available and one way routes well marked. Not that all people took notice of it!

Our taxi arrived early. A lovely lady who chatted to us about the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on local taxi drivers. She’s been on duty for four hours and we were only her fourth fare. She stated there’s twenty drivers working now and they share the bookings fairly. The roads were eerily quiet.

A Very Different Heathrow

It’s unimaginable how peaceful Heathrow airport was this morning. Normally it’s crazy busy at this time of year with families travelling abroad in the summer holidays. There was none of that. Just a subdued atmosphere everywhere.

However all the shops, cafes and bars were open!

On the flight we have three seats each. And it’s three quarters or more empty.

Cathay Pacific seem to be on the ball and we feel happy and safe.

Goodbye UK. Keep safe and well everyone. We hope to return sometime next year …

8 thoughts on “Second Stage Successful So Far

    • I suspect you’re right! It was even quieter than expected. We think it may be quieter recently since the NZ government introduced charges for MIQ for some from 11/08?!

  1. Areandare sends you it’s love! It has been basking in the sunshine today, stretching some of it’s joints and having a good old creak as a result.
    Well done for the perseverance and resilience to make it this far. You’re soooo close to being back on your other home soil now.
    Lots of love from me, now and always xxx

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