Areandare Crew Adventuring In Anglesey

Can you believe it’s August already? How did that happen? I’ve intentionally not posted since last Sunday, as Areandare has sat in Handsacre empty of occupants since then. Sensibly it felt inappropriate to advertise that fact here! We returned this evening after relishing land adventures with family on the island of Anglesey.

Barry managing to squeeze everything into the boot of our Enterprise hire car. Thank you Fazeley branch
Areandare sitting safely where we left her

Lisa, Rob and the boys have holidayed here for many years. The largest island in England or Wales, with a population of only 65,000, it’s a mere two-hour journey from their home. Rob cherishes many happy childhood memories of times spent. I’ve previously been once, in June 2014, around six weeks after dad’s condition suddenly worsened and I’d spent weeks caring for him. I went to stay with Lisa and co for a few days of R and R!

They book with Anglesey Holidays, usually at Plas Darian, but this year in the Cliff Apartments. We’d originally got a holiday there for the end of May, but obviously that trip was postponed. Thankfully we timed the re-booking perfectly.

The views each side are spectacular, and it’s a short stroll to a plethora of rocky coves or the sweeping sandy Trearddur Bay.

It was easy to not focus on COVID-19 and it’s effects on the world during the week, but we did our best to remain conscious of physical distancing and hygiene precautions. Conversely, it was wonderful to relax and at times completely forget about it while immersing ourselves in a wonderfully fun break together. It may be our last one for quite some time.

Kim joined us on Friday for a few days, after almost completing her Masters Thesis. We’d dropped her off at Lisa and Rob’s on the outward journey so she could concentrate.

Holyhead And A Spectacular Walk

Barry and I took a day to ourselves on Wednesday to see a bit more of the island. We drove to Holyhead and checked out the Ferry Terminal to Dublin. That was just a stop-off before climbing the magnificent 720-foot high mountain we could see from our balcony. We were both blown away by the beauty of the scenery, the spectacular colours of the surrounding plant life, and seeing a seal basking on the rocks below.

It was a deceptive gradual incline on the south side, whereas getting to the summit was rather steeper. But we made it intact. Finding the way back to the car park we had to negotiate an interesting puzzle of paths. We were conscious that or more of them could lead to a sheer drop.

We both suffered for a few days following the walk but boy it was worth it! I’m hoping Barry is going to post some of his images on Wednesday, they’ll be far more impressive than mine!

So Much To Do And See!

We spent time rock-pooling and catching shrimps, fish and crabs; Stand Up Paddle Boarding (when I say ‘we’, that didn’t include me and Barry!); bodyboarding (again, not us oldies!); a spot of swimming (this included me one of the days when I was brave enough); and generally wandering the area. On Friday we ventured to the RSPB reserve at South Stack, stepping down and back up again the 410 steps. My poor knees! Sadly the lighthouse there is currently closed but the breathtaking views were amazing.

A Very Special Safe House

Not far from the apartments, there’s the most incredible house. Barry fell in awe of it and took zillions of photos from all angles, times of day, and weathers. Known affectionately as ‘Scooby-Doo House’, or ‘The Haunted House, it’s actually called Craig-y-mor. We were told by a local that the great-grandchildren of the original owner now live there. And no, you can’t hire it as a holiday home! However … Craig-y-mor is available for hire as a photoshoot & film location which doesn’t surprise me in the least. 

The TV series ‘Safe House‘ was filmed here for the second series. Barry and I started watching series one while we were there, on YouTube, ready to watch the one with this spooky house in.

According to our son-in-law, Anglesey could actually be a piece of New Zealand! When Gondwana Land broke up, Anglesey travelled from there to here. Having been told that, we noticed lots of similarities in the landscape. Some of the local rocky shores are very similar to the Mahia Peninsular south of Gisborne.

On our last morning, Barry successfully took a fantastic family portrait of us all on the local rocky beach. He’s not had to do that sort of thing in a long while! It’s the first proper one we’ve had as it’s so rare for us all to be together. We shall all fondly cherish the magical time we’ve had in such a calm yet uplifting place.

Two Weeks To Go And Counting

If all continues to go to plan, in two weeks time we’ll be almost landing in Hong Kong halfway to New Zealand. We’re trying not to get anxious about what could still happen to prevent this journey, the ridiculous news today about over the 50s potentially having to stay at home isn’t helpful.

This evening we’ve moved to just beyond Fradley Junction, to begin our journey north then south, hoping to reach Debdale Wharf by the middle of the week after next. We’ll be doing a lot of miles now to get there on time and get organised for our long journey back to Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud.

9 thoughts on “Areandare Crew Adventuring In Anglesey

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    • It is sublime. Apparently and unsurprisingly rated the happiest place to live in the UK I think I read.

      😂 not yet. Too many variables and sad partings to think about. X

  2. Glad you enjoyed Anglesey, we know it well as Cal’s sister and her family live just outside Menai Bridge at Llandegfan. We have just returned from a weekend in Newbury celebrating Benjamin’s first birthday, a welcome distraction from the recent unpleasant event. x

    • Hi Phil and Cal. Oh how wonderful, we must’ve passed close by on our journey ‘home’ today.
      So very thankful that you’re both recovering from your dreadful ordeal. Unimaginable that there are such violent and crazy people around 🙁

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