Great Progress To Great Haywood

Finally we’re making progress on our journey to wherever we’re going to be when we head to NZ. It’s so much easier without worrying about car. Not so easy to see Lisa and the boys though. It’s a delicate balance of priorities.

On Monday we moved from (?) to Penkridge. I did a few locks in between calls, while Barry ably single handed a couple.

I was sad to see the Gailey Roundhouse closed. But not surprised. It’s a small space so sparse change of physical distancing inside. I hope it re-opens at some point. Such a quaint and unique building.

It was quite busy in the Staffs and Worcs Canal, a mix of live Aboard’s and hire boats. It is rather comforting to have company on the canals again. It’s easy to forget there’s been a COVID challenge at all! But I’m trying not to allow complacency to set in.

Family And Friends

Yesterday Lisa drove from Malpas with the boys for the afternoon. I’d discovered a nearby park that we could walk to, followed by a pint of soda and lime in The Boat. We were all together here last August when Kim was on board for a week.

Today we continued to a Great Haywood, and unexpectedly met a few more people we know (or who know us!), along the way.

We’d popped into Midlands Chandlers to check out gas cookers, as we’re considering swapping our electric one over. Sadly they’re no longer open and not going to re-open. But the lovely lady let us in to browse. We missed the lock having delayed, so I was helping a boat down then one up. The smiling chap entered the lock, looked up, and said “You’re Sandra” (in that southern Sarn-dra accent). I said I am! And who are you? Andy he said. I read your blog. We had a lovely chat.

Andy and partner (sorry I didn’t get your name!) on shared boat NB Centurion
Mick and Marianne moored at Stafford Boat Club (sadly not doing pump-outs there atm 😰), and Annie cruising past (sorry we couldn’t stop and chat!)

I’d messaged a dear friend yesterday, who lived on a boat for around seven years. Pip and Sean returned to land living two years ago, for various reasons, and we’ve not seen them since. The last time we did see them, was in Penkridge.

After exchanging a few updates I realised we’d be passing their house this afternoon. They were about to head out to work, but thankfully she chose to walk down to see us. How wonderful. I wanted to give her a huge hug, but love her to bits and no way would I put her at risk.

Fish n Chips Again!

This evening we’re catching up with more dear friends. We’d previously arranged to spend a few days cruising the River Weaver with Andy and Helen from Wild Side Preserves, but obviously Covid-19 put paid to that. Last time we saw them was in January.

Their usual six months cruising and trading was put on hold, but finally they’re out on Wandr’ing Bark for a few weeks. They have their car so they’re driving to us. How wonderful.

Pictures to follow at the weekend …

7 thoughts on “Great Progress To Great Haywood

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  2. The most expensive pump out we had was at Gailey last year at £18, he asked if we wanted water put in afterwards to rinse out and of course we said yes, he then proceeded to fill a large bucket of canal water and pour it into the tank. The total was then £21, so a bucket of canal water was £3.
    We did laugh, at ourselves mostly for being taken in.
    We did pass you the other day, our marina is Great Haywood, where we believe the pump out is £15, for future reference.
    Lisa & David
    NB What a Lark

    • Hi Lisa and David, yes apparently that’s quite common to rinse out with canal water. But then as Barry informed me, the tanks’ been full of shit anyway! Seems weird to me though, and especially to have the cheek to charge for it?!
      Next time you pass, do give us a peep, introduce yourselves, and say hi 😉

    • It’s disconcerting after the quietness, and only going to get worse as it’s now school holidays and loads of part-time boaters are on the system as well as hire boaters. But of course, it’s positive for the canal network. We’ve just been spoilt 😉

  3. That’s a real shame for the staff and boaters who use the MC at Teddesley, it was a favourite store to stop at while in the lock ! I guess many businesses are reassessing their portfolios of customer facing Shops in favour of on line. I just feel sorry for the staff there as they were always very friendly.

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