Moving To The Meres and Mosses

Having exhausted our 14-day stay near Whitchurch, on Monday evening we moved just past Whixall Moss. That journey entailed a working few Lift Bridges – extremely stiff ones at that! My arms were thankful to hand over the final one to Kim. Yes, we’re extremely close to the Welsh border now!

Moored not far from Bettisfield

Our original intention of not moving past Whitchurch isn’t practical. We have to be moored where there’s a decent internet signal. And mooring restrictions, of course, are now in force. So we’re milking every last drop of time to be close to Lisa and her boys while we can. We’re aware in a couple of weeks we’ll have to start our journey southwards or we’ll run out of time …

I’ve been a busy-bee inside working this week, a few Zoom meetings, managing accounts and building a new account (yay!). Yesterday, however, I’d scheduled in an afternoon to meet with Lisa. We weren’t sure exactly where we’d end up, as we’re currently about a mile from a road. This spot Barry chose is so serenely peaceful, and thankfully we have sunset views once again. It’s a sublime, albeit brief stay.

A Rather Long But Worthwhile Walk

We ended up walking to Colemere, one of Shropshire’s most beautiful mere’s, formed in the Ice Age. Barry was able to educate the boys, and Lisa, the history of the area, which is fabulous at the moment as they’re home-schooling. What a spectacular spot! It was really hot and sunny, and we discovered a ‘mini beach’ type area so everyone was able to at least dip their feet in the cool, clean water.

A great find on the way – we bought some fresh beetroot

I’ve even got a few photos from Barry to share …

Cottage near Hampton Bank Bridge
Delightful cottage and moorings near Hampton Bank Bridge where we met Lisa
Colourful boats on the way

We were absolutely shattered by the time we got back to Areandare late last night. My iPhone Health App showed a distance of 7,975 steps to Colemere or 5.1km – walking back would’ve been the same amount but my phone battery died.

Successful Plant Growing On Board!

All of a sudden, my cherry tomato plant has decided to sharpen up – and ONE tomato is turning red. Woohoo!

My peppers, or chillis, or sweet peppers (I shan’t know which ones they are unless they grow sufficiently in the next seven weeks!) are also sprouting upwards looking happy and healthy. How exciting.

Rumblings Down Under

There’s been quite a furore amongst kiwis around the quarantine COVID-19 cock-up in New Zealand. The rules that had been put in place for anyone entering the country, to protect them from further cases, seem to have been a little lax at times. Despite the requirement of a COVID test three days into the 14-day isolation and three days before the end, apparently there have been times when this hasn’t happened. I believe to date three new cases have emerged – and there is uncertainty whether anyone who wasn’t tested, or was allowed to leave early, is in the population. A worrying time for them. Additionally, the cost of housing the thousands of residents and citizens returning is a bone of contention.

We bought our tickets last autumn, as we’d been planning on returning once Barry’s British Citizenship came through. Until it did, we couldn’t leave for longer than 60 days or the application would’ve failed. We must go back, to see his two children (grown-up of course, but nonetheless it’s been over three years!), and to apply for his pension. He has to be in the country at least three months prior to applying. So we feel completely justified in travelling – so long as we’re aware to not go if either of us has ANY symptoms, and to be alert (!) at all times before we fly, and during the journey. We’ve bought very good masks from a client of mine especially.

It’s a tricky and anxious time for everyone, the world over. I can imagine if you’ve eradicated the pesky virus, you’d want to stop anyone coming in. But as Jacinda alluded, we have a legal right to return. And if we can, we will.

COVID-19 Symptom Study

We continue to report to the App daily, with no symptoms – along with 3,915,326 others in the UK. The team continue to report a lowering of daily cases – currently (17th June figures), it’s at 3,612, which is down 27% from last week. Fantastic news. Long may it continue to fall …

Last But Not Least

Barry is working on an exciting new venture at the moment, and we plan to ‘launch’ it here soon. A few people may have seen a post that was inadvertently posted on our Facebook Page, then hastily removed when I saw it! It involves his superb photography of course – and there just may be quite a few images you’ve not seen previously.

Watch this space!

7 thoughts on “Moving To The Meres and Mosses

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  2. Hi Sandra, The furore here is vastly overblown in the media (by so-called journalists and the National party …) and online. I think the journos here and the National MPs should be sent to either the US or the UK to take a course in watching train wrecks of pandemic responses … David has just come in to tell me that there were three (3) new cases in NZ yesterday (all returning NZers who’ve come in from countries where the rates are very high [India, Pakistan, UK, US], and all 3 were in managed isolation and are now in quarantine).
    By contrast there were 42,000 new cases in the US over the last 24 hours. By population comparison, our three would be matched by 180 new cases in the US – but 42,000??? That’s why I reckon our journos (so called) could do with a dose of a harsher reality and our opposition MPs need some really sh*tty stuff to deal with, like the Democrats are having to do there.
    As you can probably tell, I am really grumpy about the complaining and whinging that is going on here. We were told all the way through that NZers had the right to come home and that it was inevitable some of them would bring it back. That’s why the managed isolation and quarantine arrangements were established.
    Auckland Health fell down on the job in letting the two women out for compassionate reasons [dying parent], it was discovered (announced in Question Time in Parliament by a National MP whose caucus had sat on the information for a few hours to maximise the impact of the embarrassment but with not a thought about how many people may be exposed in the meantime or how upsetting it would be for the public…) and then the media were like attack dogs. It was disgusting to watch, and now when I see the headlines, I have to take a couple of hours before reading or watching so I can prepare myself for the feelings of rage that arise at the lack of fairness and the evidence of extreme bias.
    Can you tell I am really p*ssed off?
    But I would still rather be here than anywhere else – I’d like it even more of a few of the journos were exiled for a while …
    By the way, the rules have been tightened up, no cmpassionate exemptions, a test at 3 days in and a further test at 12 days in with a negative result being a requirement for being allowed to leave on Day 14. Anyone who refuses a test at Day 12 will be held for a further 14 days.
    We now have the military managing the isolation and quarantine using their extensive logistics experience and expertise, with Ministry of Health and Public Health units doing the testing and monitoring – seems like a very sensible allocation of duties. doesn’t it?
    Cheers, I think, Mxx

    • Kia ora Marilyn. Indeed. I think it’s called ‘clutching at straws’? It’s a shame that you’re in the midst of election campaigning – or maybe it isn’t? Hopefully, anyone with an ounce of intelligence will see through what is happening. Kia kaha x

  3. In the unlikely event that you are struggling to get the boat to her destination before you fly out just let us know and we’ll deliver her for you. x

    • Oh bless you Phil. That’s really kind of you. We’ll keep in touch and hope to catch up with you both when we’re closer 😉

  4. Good luck with Barry s new venture, I did spot something the other day, but won’t say what and spoil it.
    Think you will need to factor into your return journey a stop above Hurleston. Snugburys has reopened their shop so you don’t need a car to get served. If Barry does visit I need to see photos of flavour choices.

    • Hi Pip. Yes I think a few people spotted it. Bless him he didn’t realise the page would be linked with the FB page. We’ll need a few people to ‘test’ the product and write reviews if you’re interested?

      Oh yay! I’ll do my best to remember Snugbury’s. I’m sure Barry will. And we’ll post pictures … You’ll be drooling 😂

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