Day 76 – Third and Final Nantwich Trip

Due to the non-delivery of our planned Sainsbury’s grocery order on Saturday, we’ve ended up cruising to and from Nantwich three times in a week. As we have three people on board (there’s a theme here!), the toilet tank needs to be pumped out at least fortnightly. Sadly Nantwich Canal Centre wasn’t open on Sunday when we were forced to go for groceries, or we’d have killed two birds with one stone then. Although we’re not technically due to empty it till tomorrow, Kim and I are too busy work-wise then. Hence we moved there and back again today.

Kim did a spot of gift-shopping for herself, with Sharon at The Shop By The Canal, to say thank-you for helping her out with some DHL post from and to Nigeria recently. Sharon’s a wonderfully friendly and helpful woman – if any boaters have hand-crafted items they wish her to sell for them, do get in touch she says. There’s a wide array of gorgeousness in the shop – including of course some of Barry’s Greeting Cards!

Shop By The Canal Nantwich June 2020

A Time Intense Journey

It’s hard to explain, to anyone who isn’t a boater, how much time this all takes. But basically you can kiss the best part of a day goodbye! Barry was busy driving or sorting out the pump out, gas bottle purchase and diesel top-up from 9.30 am to 4 pm. Thank goodness it was sunny and warm again. I think rain’s forecast tomorrow … How fortunate have we been with this spectacularly warm and sunny spring weather? The ground needs watering now, it’s very parched.

Plum and Julia snuck back to the bubble while we were away, to retrieve what they’d left. We don’t think they’ll be back, which is sad. It was lovely to spend a couple of months on their company. He’s got lots of solar panel jobs on which is fantastic.

In Nantwich, we met up with Toastie, Jules and Pete (from The Hippie Boat), who’ve all made their way slowly northwards since lockdown. We hope to catch up with them all properly on the Llangollen Canal in a couple of weeks.

A New Kid On The Block

When we returned to the boating bubble, there was a new boat in Plum’s place. Things they are-a-changing. Oh dear! We’re now in a slightly different position again, which is odd but we know we’re going to have to get used to change soon!

Meanwhile the cherry tomatoes continue to thrive …

cherry tomato plant

And last nights sunset was sublime …

Sublime sunset on the Shropshire Union Canal June 2020

I’ve no doubt we’ll be back here many times in the years to come, to reflect and remember this time with great fondness and gratitude that the world stopped being so ‘busy’ for a few months at least …

Symptom Study Reporting

I’ve not heard anything back from my email yesterday about being able to access a test if I need one.

Happily though we’ve reported no symptoms again today.

5 thoughts on “Day 76 – Third and Final Nantwich Trip

  1. I see that the new kid on the block doesn’t have a flag! Times they are a changing, our ‘Home’ mooring has a C&RT work boat on it! We did manage to squeeze on the end of the Moorings though

    • I know! The cheek of them aye 😂?
      Yeah saw the workboat going past as a tug towards Nantwich on Sunday morning, then back with the front thing full of dirt and weeds later on. We walked past in the evening and saw they were on ‘your’ spot. It feels weird doesn’t it? Like we’re being invaded?!!

      • We will all be scattered by the wind in the next few days. Booked my last veg box today for Monday. For the first time i’ve ordered one of each.

        • I know, it’s sad. It’s been really lovely to get to know you both. We won’t be ordering any more fruit or veg boxes, I’ve loved them! We’ll get another dozen eggs from the farm before we head off up the Llangollen though 😉

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