Day 75 – Groundhog Day Suck It and See Strategy

Professor John Ashton has recorded a number of well thought out and candid videos via ‘Double Down News‘, of which I am now a Patreon. In today’s he states: “The government is recklessly taking us into this unknown situation where we could be right back where we were in a matter of weeks

I can kind of understand how people are fed-up of not being able to do much or go anywhere, especially in this glorious warm weather. Young people especially just want to get out and live their lives. But as Profesor Ashton says, the stance of the British government is “… illogical, unethical, and embarrassing”. What exactly IS the government’s strategy, he asks? Suck it and see it seems.

There are more deaths each day now than when we locked down (at least two weeks later than we should have of course!). Cleary if/when the second lockdown is announced, it’ll be reported that it’s “the public’s fault” for not following ‘the rules’ of ‘be alert’. The government’s first priority is supposed to be to keep the people safe. However, as Professor Ashton states, this government has failed miserably. The chances of the loosening of lockdown keeping us all safe are negligible. Oh, I really hope those of us who feel the same, exclaims inwardly (or outwardly!) “I told you so!” in a few weeks time.

Let’s BE Patient Not A Patient

I realise we had surprise visitors yesterday evening – which was lovely, don’t get me wrong. Then today other friends messaged asking if they can come and see us later this week, albeit with the proviso of sensible social distancing. Sadly, to be honest (with kindness because we love our friends and miss them), we’d really rather keep ourselves apart from friends for as long as possible. Please don’t take offence anyone. We’re just acutely aware of the incompetence from ‘the top’ occurring in England, that’s enabling so many people to forget COVID-19 even existed. Much of the public seems to be just ‘going back to normal’.

Please don’t rush! We won’t be. Not for a long while yet, as we wait and watch events. IF after a few weeks there isn’t another surge, we may just venture a little further than the waterpoint, pump out and supermarkets! And of course, see friends.

Ancestry Testing

Changing the subject completely to lighten the mood, today I sent off a large sample of my ‘spit’ to Ancestry DNA, to link in with the Family History I’m researching via It’s highlighted a number of times that you must register the code on the sample bottle before sealing the box. What did I do? Yep. I forgot! I had to unseal the box, write the number down, then re-seal it. Thankfully I remembered before posting it or it would’ve been a waste of £72.99.

It takes about a week to get information, and it all links up to the ‘Walsh/Kirton Family Tree’. Marvellous. Exciting stuff! It’s something I’ve pondered on doing for many years …

COVID Symptom Study Research Update

On reporting today, I was asked to participate in the “COVID Symptom Study Trial – Testing the accuracy of a digital test to diagnose COVID-19“. 

The purpose of the study is to test the level of accuracy of computer software (sometimes called algorithms or prediction models) that could be used as a “digital test” to evaluate whether an individual is infected with Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), based on their symptoms reported in the Covid Symptom Study app. This study is designed to establish how accurate this digital test is for different people. The potential benefit of a digital test is that it is simple to complete, it produces results quickly, and it can be accessed by a large proportion of the population, some of which have limited access to physical testing for Covid-19.”

COVID-19 Symptom Study 1st June 2020

Fascinating. I have of course agreed to take part. I now have email addresses to contact if/when I’m asked to take a test and am not able to access it. I’ve emailed them already, to say what happened previously. In the vain hope something will materialise to enable liveaboard narrowboaters to access COVID-19 testing if they don’t have a car or access to a home postal address. We should not be disadvantaged. Nor should any traveller with an itinerant lifestyle.

I’ll let you know if anything eventuates …

Keep safe everyone. COVID-19 has NOT miraculously gone away from British shores …

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