Day 74 – An Unexpected Return to Nantwich

Following yesterday’s Sainsbury’s failure, we had little choice but to return to Nantwich today. I’m quite frankly appalled at their shocking customer service. Whatever they do, or don’t do now, will ever make up for their lack of compassion, customer service, or common courtesy.

I did receive an ‘automated’ email just after 9 am this morning, informing me my order had been cancelled. No further explanation. You don’t say?! Then this afternoon a curt reply to my Tweet. “Hi. I can look into this for you. Can you confirm your full name, full billing address, and email address? Thanks …”. I’ve sent the requested details back. We’ll see if that goes anywhere …

Thanks for the tip Marilyn, here’s our trolley. Barry even fixed the bottom of it this morning and put cable ties on the flap as the Velcro doesn’t stay it when it’s full. We took the larger trolley on wheels too, as we got some shopping for our bubble buddy Dave as well.

Surprise Visitors

I hear that the ‘rules’ have been loosened further and we’re now ‘allowed’ to see people? That’s good because our friends Karen and Gary surprised us with a visit this afternoon. Not long after we got back from Nantwich Karen, one of the Barbados girls, phoned to ask whereabouts at Hurleston Junction we were! We were a long way from it at that stage, but soon got underway to the winding hole and headed back to our temporary ‘home’ until 6th June.

How lovely to see them. We’re looking forward to another beautiful balmy evening outside, at a safe distance. Brilliant.

COVID-19 Symptom Study

Once again, all reported with no symptoms today.

6 thoughts on “Day 74 – An Unexpected Return to Nantwich

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  3. Now that is an amazingly huge amount of shopping, even if some of it is for others!
    The thing I always struggle with is where to put it all in the boat when I get two trolleys’ worth back there! It is a good thing that narrowboats generally make good use of all bits of space, isn’t it?

    • I know! But last week we did a small shop. First one for two weeks. We didn’t get much then because we had a Sainsbury’s delivery booked 😂. Today’s shop will have to last us two weeks …

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