Day 73 – Step Up Sainsbury’s!

We’d been so thankful for finally getting a slot for a Sainsbury’s delivery. All through the lockdown, we’ve walked the mile or so from the embankment at Nantwich to Morrisons or Aldi – and back with heavy bags of shopping. I didn’t want to take one from a vulnerable person/family when things were so awful. In a way we fall into that category slightly, at 60 and 64 years old? Regardless. I didn’t even try.

Then Pip and Mick from NB Oleanna, recently said they’d got a Sainsbury’s delivery booked at Henhull bridge. A late-night one. Because they’d opened more spots up. As we’ve got to move the boat from 6th June, I thought I’d stock us up. With lots of heavy things that are just too cumbersome to carry distances. I checked every day for a few days. The slots only come out a week in advance. Every so often there’d be one showing, but every time I clicked on the only one available from 9 pm to 10 pm, it said: “sorry this spot has now been taken”. Despite it showing as available when I clicked.

Finally, I got one. For tonight. Between 9pm and 10pm. I was ecstatic! We planned out grocery shopping last week with the Sainsbury’s order in mind, only getting essentials thinking we were getting this order. Dave in our bubble also ordered some food and drink. I’ve amended the order a number of times since then, checking out each time with my American Express credit card. Never a problem. I was using the same address as Pip and Mick have done. With the explanation, as boaters do when they do online grocery shopping, that we live on a narrowboat. My billing address and that of my American Express card, are the same. My daughter’s address in Malpas.

We even ordered some more wine glasses, as we have only one left. And some new chopping boards. Oh so many lovely things. I was excited this morning anticipating getting the delivery this evening.

Yesterday I was sent a text confirming the order and that we had until 11 pm to make amendments. Then I received a text this morning at 10.26 am.

Each time I’d amended the order it had gone through to my American Express account and was confirmed. When I got the above message I was understandably aghast! How can you just cancel an order of over £240 with no other explanation? Especially during this crazy time? So obviously I phoned the number. A woman with a Scottish accent answered. She asked a few security questions, then said it had been cancelled ‘by security‘. When asked why she said ‘Because you used a non-UK card‘. What the absolute f–k?? Even more disgusting, they had cancelled my Sainsbury’s account!! Not just the online grocery order.

To say I was cross would be an understatement. I said to this woman that this was totally unacceptable, that we live on a boat and had been relying on this delivery. She said it seemed strange as they do take American Express cards. I asked to speak to someone in authority, that I wished to make a formal complaint, and that I’d be tweeting how appalled I was at their shocking service. At that, she sniggered. Seriously. My hackles rose even further. She said she’d attempt to put me in touch with someone, then put me on hold for a minute or two, after which the Sainsbury’s answer machine with press one for …, press two for … came back. She’d obviously just cut me off.

I’ve had no email from them. No proper explanation at all. My American Express card is a UK one, with a headquarters in Brighton. I have had it for about twenty years. It’s got thousands of pounds in credit and would not have been stopped by the company.

If anyone can provide any rationale explanation for this totally shoddy service, I’d be most grateful. We will now have to return to Nantwich tomorrow, and spend the whole day of my day off cruising in, walking into town, shopping, walking out again with shopping, and cruising back to our mooring.

Barry Steps Up

On a much brighter note, Barry has been busy again. He’s used some left over wood Plum had left from a solar panel box, and made it into a step for us to get on and off the boat. It’s incredible! He’s so ingenious. The notorious ‘Shroppie Shelf’ means we can’t get close to the bank so stepping on and off the boat can be a little tricky. Especially after a drink or two!

It’s brilliant. Those ducks are the ducklings of a few weeks ago, almost grown up. They are so tame, they come and see us many times each day for their bird seed. Last night they were hilarious trying to get out of the canal …

Teenage ducklings trying to get up onto the bank

You’ve got to laugh! I’m doing my best to move past my anger at the shocking service from Sainsbury’s. If I hear anything more I’ll let you know. It seems they don’t really care 🙁

We had a long walk today, which has helped me calm myself down a little – lots of new boats appearing on the cut now.

Hurleston Junction 30th May 2020

COVID-19 Symptom Study

We’ve reported no symptoms again today thankfully. This morning I received an email from them with the following information:

Logging your health daily is more important than ever

With lockdown measures easing, there are plenty of new opportunities for ‘R’ to increase. As the weather improves and children and teachers head back to school, more people will come into contact with one another. The risk of new COVID hotspots emerging is also likely to increase without adequate monitoring.

Our app is a crucial early detection tool to understand if there is a risk of a second wave of the virus. It’s is more important than ever that you keep logging daily using our app to help us to detect new COVID hotspots earlier. Protect your community as lockdown lifts by reporting for yourself and behalf of your children to stop the spread of new infections quicker.

We would also like to encourage you to share the app with schools, parent’s associations, and other organisations within your community. The more of us there are using the app daily, the more accurately and quickly we will be able to identify potential hotspots.

PLEASE, if you live in the UK and are not yet doing this daily, for yourselves as well as loved ones, please do so.

12 thoughts on “Day 73 – Step Up Sainsbury’s!

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  4. So sorry they did that to you! Absolutely disgusting service. I gave up even trying to get a delivery slot anywhere. They have been fully booked so gave up looking. Quite glad I didn’t after reading this x

    • Ah thanks Kiera. I’ve never used Sainsbury’s before, only Tesco, but not in lockdown. Never been let down by Tesco. All stocked up now from Morrisons but a whole day spent doing so!

  5. Sandra,
    What an absolute piss off! I have never been a Sainsbury’s fan apart from the Sainsbury’s Market store in Pimlico which is rather cool – well, it was when we were living there in 2004!
    A few times when you’ve posted about your shopping experiences I have thought “Mmm – shall I tell her what we have onboard?” Each time, I’ve been reading your posts while I should have been working (my bad!) so I haven’t done so. But now, I’ve been working since about 8am (and it is Sunday of Queen’s Birthday Weekend, for heaven’s sake) and I have just finished the breakfast/lunch David has delivered (feijoas, yoghurt and homemade muesli, and, on a different plate … the last slice of a silverbeet, onion, tuna, cheese and egg tart I made on Friday).
    So while I am on my lunchbreak, I will take the time to tell you our solution to the heavy grocery bags: (in 2015 I think) we bought two granny trolleys from Argos – I’ve just checked on line and they are £20 each and worth their weight in gold. I can easily get 20kgs** of groceries in one trolley with all the wine/beer/cider/milk in the bottom and lighter/crushable stuff above. So a spend of over £200 will easily fit in two trolleys. I have been known to take two trolleys on my own if the supermarket isn’t far from the cut (e.g. Tescos at Rugby or Rugeley), fill them both but not right to the brim, and tow them back.
    They pay for themselves easily given no need for massages to sore necks, shoulders backs. They fold up and fit under our bed – and given Barry’s handyman skills I am sure he could find a suitable storage solution for yours!
    ** I think the weight limit is 10kg, but we always exceed that and they have survived valiantly.
    We were so impressed with them that we bought a couple of them here in Waikanae when we moved here – we are a 12 minute walk from the supermarket, so it makes sense to walk it rather than drive it.
    And we very quickly got over the “but they are for OLD people!” and changed it to “they are for sensible people!!”
    Cheers and virtual hugs, Marilyn
    PS Have you tried Ocado? They were always our favourite delivery service when we arrived for a Black Prince hires at Wigram’s Turn and when we lived in Church Enstone.

    • Kia Ora Marilyn. I know. I was seething. I’m looking out for the ‘reason this happened’ and if/when it surfaces I’ll let you know 😂

      We have one of those trolleys. Barry bought it me for a Christmas gift in 2016. I wasn’t that impressed at the time, who said romance is dead? 😝 He said “But you said you wanted one?” Which was true. Just not for a Christmas present aye?! Anyway … yes. It’s a godsend. The hard bottom has been worn out during lockdown so it’s been sagging. Your comment reminded me to remind him he promised to fix it! Sure enough he’s done do before our big walk today so thank you 😊

      I too have never liked Sainsbury’s and now even more so. Like Geoff I shall be boycotting them from now on unless there is no other choice. Every amended order stated that the card had been verified. So it’s absolute crap that it was a security issue. Damn them!!! I have never tried Ocado. Maybe I’ll check them out. For now I’m put off online deliveries. They take a lot of time to sort out and then to have that slap in the face. Inexcusable imho

      Enjoy Queens Birthday. Hope the sun shines. It’s sweltering here again today x

  6. Let me tell you of our experience. We are a couple in our 70’s living in NZ. When we got our big lockdown my wife did a click & collect order from our local supermarket, this was a new experience and it took her a few hours. Then it took a few days to get a slot. Then my wife got an email saying they had cancelled our order and we apologise for any inconvenience caused if this cancellation is unexpected. Remember this was when we had been told as 70 year olds with health issues to self isolate. We are now boycotting that supermarket.

    • Kia Ora Geoff. Oh my goodness! That is dreadful. I really empathise with your wife. It can take a lot longer to ‘shop’ online than in the supermarket. Especially if you e not done it before. Maybe this is a common experience? It’s disgraceful and needs a lot more explanation than a short text or email.

      I think you’re quite correct to boycott them! A far more positive response of them would be to explain why they are unable to fulfil the booked order and give you a $50 voucher!!

      I hope you both keep well and have found a much better supermarket. Kia kaha

  7. That is bloody disgusting … completely unconscionable! I hope you take it further. I’m sure you aren’t they only people this stupid, completely inefficient, system is screwing over. It seems the bigger the company the less they give a rats arse for customer service.

    That is a brilliant ‘shroppie-shelf’ step! 😀

    • I know. I’ve been seething all day. Sometimes silently, often vocally! I’ve now Tweeted AmexUK who are always brilliant with customer service. I’m sure they will be very interested to hear their card has been seen in such a suspicious light. I shall not let it lie. This is inexcusable and unacceptable 🤬

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