Day 72 – Barry’s Picturesque Walk

Another gloriously warm and sunny day here at Hurleston Junction. And for me another day sat at my laptop working. Damn. But hey, sustaining our alternative lifestyle involves earning an income. I’m not really complaining, just a tad jealous of those able to be outside. Like Barry!

He had a pleasant bike ride to The Shop By The Canal to see the lovely Sharon and pick up some post. On the way there, he went along the towpath; choosing a different route on the return journey along the road. Which means I’ve got a few of his photos to post. Yay! You wouldn’t want to look at me at my laptop I’m sure …

The hay Bee sculpture at Snugbury’s Ice Cream Farm

For over 20 years, with the help of our great friend and talent Mike Harper Director of Harbook Engineering, we have been building amazing sculptures in our field which sits alongside the A51 Chester Road.

In recognition of the decline of bees, we chose to create our bee straw sculpture to raise awareness of the importance of bees and the wildlife conservation. We have chosen to support The Bumblebee Conservation Trust by donating 50p of every limited edition white chocolate honeycomb piece sold.

Standing at 40ft tall and weighing in at over 5 tonnes, our bee is made of straw and hand split wood, which is coated in a natural black dye to give him his iconic stripes.”

Our Sculptures –

Poor old Peter Rabbit, the sculpture from 2016, was set alight by arsonists in 2017, but lovingly re-built. He’s now moved on to make way for the bee …

Barry loves ice-creams and would’ve popped in for one had they been open. He said it was closed. However, there’s nothing on the website to say when/if they’ll be opening soon.

A Favourite Graveyard Pastime

We do love a good graveyard, there are many fine examples across the country we’ve discovered on our travels. Today Barry took a stroll around Acton Church.

St Mary’s Church Acton

Dave, our bubble buddy, informed me that the base of the spire of Acton Church is level with the top of the spire of Nantwich Church. I’ve no reliable source to link this information to, apart from the “little old lady at the bus stop” who told Dave 😉

COVID Symptom Study

Once again, we reported ‘no symptoms’ to the Symptom Study App.

At first glance it looked like the number of daily cases has increased for England, from 9,900 last week, to 11,300. BUT – the number has gone up as this week Northern Ireland and Scotland daily cases are now included. They suggest cases in England have actually decreased by 17%. Which is a huge relief after the easing of lockdown in this country. Their data was estimated on 28th May, based on data from 10th to 23rd May.

There are now 3,736,737 members of the public supporting the NHS and scientists in the UK by using the App. If we all pull together, we can get out of lockdown safely and beat the disease. That’s the claim on their website, and I really want to believe it. So if you’re not yet reporting daily, and you live in the UK, or have a relative who isn’t able to report, please seriously consider doing this for yourself and your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Day 72 – Barry’s Picturesque Walk

  1. In February 2018 you could see Peter Rabbit from the canal, his carrot looked a touch like a jagged dagger. He got nicknamed Killer Bunny.
    Snugbury’s apparently tried to keep going at the beginning of lockdown, but ended up having to close sadly. I’m hoping they might reopen before we leave the area.

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