Day 71 – Lots Of Sitting

It’s been a very different day from yesterday. Not weather-wise. That continues to be amazingly hot and sunny. I just wish I could enjoy it!

Last night I was in a (locked of course) House Party for a couple of hours with the three girlfriends I went to Barbados with. It was the last of our sixtieth’s – Kerry finally caught up with us! We’re so grateful we squeezed Barbados in before all flights were cancelled, as she obviously hasn’t been able to do much celebrating for the actual milestone.

While I was ‘partying’ on board, Barry. Kim and Dave had an outdoor cinema set up with Barrys laptop. They watched one of Barry’s favorite movies. The Life of Brian. I think he knows every line off by heart!! I joined them for about the final half hour, enjoying singing the penultimate finale song ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. Very apt! Shortly afterwards we spotted the International Space Station flying above brightly on another calm crisp clear night.

Today has been full of work for me. A couple of meetings and commencing the keyword research for a new account build. I did sneak into the cratch at lunchtime timed nicely with Pip and Mick cruising past in Oleanna. We had a great catch up and I was relieved to hear their Sainsbury’s online delivery arrived at 21.30 to the correct location. This bodes well for ours on Saturday.

NB Oleanna

Getting Cleaned And Sorted

It’s such a joy to have Kim on board with us. We’ve both said she’s stopped us from killing each other during lockdown 😂

Kim’s also been a set of ‘new eyes’, making lots of suggestions about improving our living space. Moving the fridge and cooker was her suggestion. Next was the microwave, which was taken down from above the cooker/fridge and out onto the bench (kitchen worktop for Brits!) enabling Barry’s brewing equipment to gather in its place.

I’ve been inspired to deep clean the kitchen bit by bit, in between working! The other day I even cleaned the cooker before it was moved. Today Kim’s cleaned the oven racks and those from gas hob and grill. Using something called ‘Oven Bright’. Admittedly it’s not the greatest using such harsh chemicals, but boy they’re clean and sparkling now! Much healthier.

Stupid Cow!

Continuing the cow saga, they’ve been grazing in a different field for a week or so. Today they returned. By this afternoon they were attempting to get back into the canal! For some strange reason, the farmer has recently removed the previously erected (following two cows falling in!) electric fence. Oh my goodness. What was he thinking? Maybe he rented it short-term? It’s looking like another accident waiting to happen from across the canal. We may just leave them in if it happens again. I’m thinking it could be a good BBQ source …

Cows by the canal

I’m only joking of course.

Guncopters Overhead

Just after 6 pm this evening, a loud buzzing was heard in the distance. A scary-sounding noise. Sure enough, a couple of Black Hawks (Barry thinks), or Apache (Dave thinks), helicopters flew past. Equipped with guns and rockets they said. Now that’s thriller movie stuff right there! Have we missed something while we’re sitting here?? Like World War Three being announced and we’re under attack?

COVID-19 Symptom Study

We’re all good on board Areandare and in our mooring bubble thankfully and have reported ‘no symptoms’ again to the study.

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