Day 70 – A Busy Doing Day

Today marks ten weeks since I began blogging daily in lockdown. Not that the country locked down ten weeks ago. But we did. A week before everyone else. And we’ll continue to do so as long as we’re able to. Most days I’ve loved writing our record of ‘the time when the world changed’. Admittedly a few days have been a struggle. But that’s like life really! I’ve pushed on and embraced the ups and downs …

Today’s been full of doing. Not a lot of ‘being’. Extremely productive though, lots achieved. No credit yet in my Air New Zealand account, so we haven’t been able to attempt to re-book. I’ll be checking every day until we can.

Busy Busy …

This morning I had two work calls, completed actions following them, and took part in lots of work email correspondence mostly for my new Ad-Extra client ready to build their account. It’s inspiring and energising to be able to support small businesses re-start.

Our delivery from Nantwich Veg Boxes arrived later than anticipated, but it wasn’t a problem as I only finished at 12.30 pm when the van appeared. One fruit and one veg box to put away on board (I LOVE the new position of our fridge!), while Barry moved us up to the water point at Nantwich Canal Centre. There was already a boat on the water-point, who’d only just started, so it was a bit of a lengthy process to get us in.

Barry took all our sheets and towels to the launderette there, but unfortunately, it was quite busy with some rather unfriendly people, so it took longer than he’d planned. He popped back and forth while topping up with water. Meanwhile, I’d finally found a delivery slot for heavy groceries, on the Sainsbury’s website. Pip and Mick informed me they’d got one so I’ve been trying daily. We’ve got between 9 pm and 10 pm this Saturday! A strange time, but we’ll have to head back to Hensull Bridge for that.

While Barry was ‘doing’ at the Canal Centre, Kim and I walked into Nantwich. Kim to Home Bargains, and me to do some grocery shopping at Morrisons. It’s two weeks since our last big stock up, and we don’t have much left to eat. Thankfully though I didn’t have to carry lots of heavy bags, due to the Sainsbury’s booking in three days. Yay!

Nantwich centre 27th May 2020

It was the busiest I’ve seen Nantwich since lockdown.

Surprising Growth

My cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely. New ones popping out every day and the inaugural one growing larger.

I’d removed the seeds from some peppers, sweet peppers, and chillis a few weeks ago. I dried them then planted about ten. Nothing happened so used the compost when I re-potted the mint plant is bought from Morrisons. A few days ago I noticed shoots sprouting up! So those shoots are now potted too. I have no problem idea what each one is, so it’s going to be fun watching and waiting!

You’ll notice that there’s a heart of lettuce in a glass of water? This is something that Kim suggested we try. Apparently it’s going to grow into another lettuce … I’m not convinced, but hey, nothing to lose!

COVID-19 Symptom Study

We’ve reported no symptoms once again today to the Symptom Study App – hopefully after being out and about a bit that will continue …

What fun things have you been up to on this gloriously sunny and hot day in UK?

7 thoughts on “Day 70 – A Busy Doing Day

  1. Hi Sandra, I’m feeling a bit jealous about not being on nb Waka Huia right now … However I’m definitely happier being in our NZ political climate even though the weather itself is getting cooler.
    Try growing the bottom inch of a couple of spring onions in a glass of water – works well too (I use an egg cup). I am going to give it a go with lettuces. I have carrot tops and beetroot tops on the kitchen windowsill as I am wanting some additional greens!
    Cheers, Mx

    • Oh bless. I bet! Both missing being here and being thankful you’re not! A double edged sword for sure …

      Hopefully we’ll get back for my birthday on 28th September, in time for the wild freesias at Wainui Beach.

      I’ll try that with the spring onions thank you! Wow! Carrots! Definitely will try that too. Isn’t it cool what we learn when we insert a big pause?
      Arohanui to you both. Kia kaha xx

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