Day 69 – News From Air New Zealand

Not the news we’d like to have received, but unsurprising. It’s also a relief to know one way or the other to be honest. Long term it may be good news, or it may be not so good. Who can tell? I strongly believe things happen for a reason, and generally, we don’t know what that reason is until a point in the future as things and information materialise. It remains a ‘plan a day at a time’ strategy for the folks on board Areandare for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Air New Zealand (NZ branch) mailing list with their latest flights update. They have limited domestic flights happening now, and their amazing PM and government are investing in businesses as well as supporting the population in a myriad of optimistic ways. Because, of course, they can! They obliterated COVID-19 with their decisiveness and collective unity and strength. They extended international restrictions to 31st August 2020, retaining only two flights a week from Auckland to Hong Kong. I surmised from that we were unlikely to be able to fly from Gatwick to Hong Kong, and then New Zealand, on 16th August. But my Air NZ App was still showing our booked one-way ticket …

This morning, however, brought an email specifically to me, as the lead passenger. With a subject line, you’ll have guessed, “Your flight has been cancelled due to COVID-19“. Damn!!

All is not lost though thankfully, as it looks as though we’ll be able to re-schedule via the UK Air New Zealand site, once the credit is added to our account. Hopefully, we’ll find a slot in September – the start of spring in New Zealand. It means Barry’s pension application would be delayed a touch, but hopefully, they’ll allow unavoidable circumstances to prevail. We’ll obviously miss his son Tom’s 30th birthday on 20th August, and it’s highly likely we’ll have to isolate for 14 days after landing (New Zealand have been doing this for many weeks now, unlike the UK who haven’t even STARTED yet!!). I’ve no doubt a party will be held in early December to make up for it, so long as gatherings are allowed and safe, for Barry’s milestone 65th birthday.

Please note the credit will be for the full cost of your unused ticket, for each (and all) named passenger/s. The booking period is valid through to 30 June 2021 and you have 12 months to complete your travel from the time you make the booking. Once we have processed the credit, we will provide you with a confirmation. You can redeem the credit against any flight you choose, and you will need to pay any fare difference if applicable.”

Air New Zealand email 26/05/2020

Que sera sera …

A Walk To Brighten Our Mood

Barry and I took a rare stroll together this afternoon, to lighten our disappointment. We headed up Hurleston Locks and saw contractors working. Hopefully fixing the leaky bottom lock that Pip reported to CRT.

Barry showed me the big ash tree with the fallen branch that the bubble boys chopped up with their new cordless chainsaws on Saturday.

We saw only one boat going up the locks, in the time we walked up and back around. It’s much quieter on the canal today. We reckon a lot of the ‘traffic’ yesterday was boaters on a day out. Not so many liveaboards. We’re all waiting a while yet!

We walked a route I’d not taken previously, halfway around the reservoir, but Barry had trodden the path before. It took us past a few spacious houses and stables, very swish! But after all, houses are just ‘receptacles for your stuff’, and we’re content onboard our narrowboat thank you.

Taking Barry …
Flowers at Hurleston Reservoir May 2020
Taking large daisies – I’m sure they have a proper name!
Hurleston Reservoir May 2020
Barry’s panorama of Hurleston Reservoir

There’s a diverse mix of pictures from my iPhone and Barry’s Huawei phone in this post. How lovely to have some from him today. Next is a spot the difference challenge …

Bee Happy

There’s been a fair few posts on Facebook and blogs about the consequences on the bees and insects from cutting grass and wildflowers since lockdown eased. Consequently, it was wonderful to see lots of bees amongst a small area on the towpath back to our mooring bubble that had been left intact. Thank you whoever mowed around it. The bees are happy here.

Which one is Barry’s? I’m sure it’s not to hard – A or B?

Bee on the Shropshire Union Canal Towpath May 2020
Bee on the Shropshire Union Canal Towpath May 2020
It’s not hard to leave some wildflowers along the towpath for the bees and insects

Movement And Symptom Study News

This evening we cruised the short journey to Henhull Bridge 95, ready for our fruit and veg boxes delivery in the morning from Nantwich Veg Boxes. I’ve got a couple of work calls before 12, then afterwards we’ll then head into Nantwich for groceries (we’re almost out!), water and a sheets and towels wash at the Nantwich Canal Centre launderette. What a luxury!

Kim’s holed up in the back cabin writing her Masters Degree thesis – in this gorgeous weather too bless her! But it’s half term and she has to get it written so has little choice.

I’m really pleased to say that the COVID-19 Symptom Study has received over £1 million in donations, which means they’re able to continue and crucially be independent of any authority who may try and bias anything. Not that I’m sceptical. Oh, that’s a lie! Of course, I am. The current political situation here in the UK is abhorrent. Lot’s of shameful subterfuge. Thank goodness for honest intelligent humane scientists and all the people reporting daily. It’s crucial still to do this, to ensure if the numbers rise action is taken. Well, it may be. Who knows what the idiots at the helm will do.

Barry and I have reported no symptoms again today. Fingers crossed we get our Air New Zealand account credited soon and we can re-schedule …

4 thoughts on “Day 69 – News From Air New Zealand

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  3. I’m pretty sure those are oxeye daisies.

    And while I’m here, although with a lot less certainty, I think that your “bee” may actually be a hoverfly.

    • Awesome thank you Nick re daisies.

      Oh yikes re the bee! Shows what I know about insect life 😂

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