Day 66 – A Hair Raising Day

The wild wind continued unabated today, preventing most boaters from travelling far, if at all, now they ‘can’. I’m sure there’s quite a number eager to leave the Llangollen Canal – and a similar amount keen to get onto it. We probably will too, but not for a couple of weeks. We’d prefer to wait and see what transpires with all the new movement nationally.

On a bright note, we’ve got a tomato on our plant! I’m wondering, does having the tomato plant next to a mint plant, make a positive difference? They appear to like each other …

A Hair Raising Walk

I risked a walk this morning, in the over 40 mph gusts, primarily for eggs from Blackberry Far. Also to drop off one of Barry’s Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Greeting Card’s to Duncan and Elaine. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to get that far this time, so thought a photo would be a small consolation. Looks like CRT have contractors back in doing work on the locks. One brave couple were descending – hopefully, they didn’t crash into any boats once they turned at the junction. We’ve had a few scraped past us these last two days. It’s unbelievably difficult to control a long, narrow, steel boat in these powerful gusts.

I love this!

I had a ‘new home’ card to post too, using another of Barry’s cards, discovering a post box at the Chester to Crew bus stop on the A51.

Walking back along the side of the reservoir was hair raising with the wind howling and trees creaking. I saw a bush had been almost blown to the ground, nearly blocking the footpath with prickly branches.

Even More Hair and Other Raising!

Ten weeks to the day after getting my hair braided in Barbados, I removed them this afternoon. Kim has re-braided it a few weeks ago, one by one. It feels amazing now to raise my fingers through my frizzy curly locks! Since releasing the locks (pun intended), I’ve been treated to some lilac highlights – and there may be a couple of side-parting braids added in tomorrow …

Barry, Plum and Dave had a boys outing to chainsaw a fallen tree branch or two. It sounds like they had a great time. Boys will be boys, as girls will be girls.

I’ve even had the rare pleasure of baking bread in the electric bread maker today, as Barry needed the engine on for three hours. Yeah I know, kneading is so therapeutic and all that. I do like baking by hand. However, throwing it all into the bread maker takes five minutes, baking by hand takes hours! Woohoo!

Less Hair Raising COVID-19 Symptom Study

The COVID-19 Symptom Study seems to be getting more successful, understandably so. Have a read of this recent article – Five things a Covid-19 symptom-tracking app tells us

We’ve logged in again with no symptoms, on the day our mooring restrictions return. From today we have 14 days before we must leave this bubble mooring – unless something goes awry in the meantime. I suspect we’ll stay as long as we can. We feel safe here.

6 thoughts on “Day 66 – A Hair Raising Day

  1. Yay! A baby tomato! I’m sure your head feels a bit freer to not have those tight braids in, even if I thought they looked nice. Hope the wind has died down some now. Stay safe and healthy!

    • I know it’s fab! Growing bigger each day and others are appearing. I’ll post photos this evening …

      The braids only felt tight the first day or so each time. Then it was SO easy to manage my hair! It’s crazy usually. But after they’ve been in a few weeks, I think there’s hairs that have come out but can’t get out (!) and it becomes itchy. So a relief to get them out but I’d definitely have them in again 😉

  2. I assume the restrictions still apply on the Llangollen because of the Welsh government’s position regarding ‘stay at home stay local’. Will they be lifted soon?

    • Hi Phil, it’s a while on the Llangollen from this end until you’re in Wales. No idea what the Welsh government’s next steps are. We just wait to get advised by CRT 😉

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