Day 62 – Another Quiet Day On The Cut

One day blends seamlessly into another here on the Shropshire Union Canal. We get out of bed around 8.30 am, linger over breakfast and have a quick catch up on emails or messages received overnight (our phones are switched off or to flight mode whilst we sleep). Then I generally do some Ad-Extra work, while Barry gets on with his DIY. Today he’s been sorting some bits on The Home Brew Boat website, as it hasn’t been fully handed over yet. Kim spends most of the day (and sometimes evening too!), in the back cabin teaching, planning and working on her Master’s Degree.

It’s been quiet outside; an occasional boat passing by, a few walkers and cyclists. One couple asked me if we’re celebrating a special New Zealand day today, noticing the flag. I said no, we have it flying every day. They thought that was great bless them.

News From The Bubble Mooring

Plum left the mooring bubble yesterday as he had more solar panels to fit. It’s great that he’s getting lots of work and is able to fulfil orders now. My Self-Employed Income Support came through to our bank account which is rather uplifting. Not that we’re spending much at the moment, but it will definitely help to ease the reduction in income.

I’m researching a bit of my family history most days, finding it fascinating. Today I came across an article in The Independent advertising a ‘free online surnames dictionary’ from the Oxford Dictionary. It’s only for another two days, so if you’re interested click the link swiftly and get searching!

Our free cherry tomato plant, from the lovely couple at the top of Hurleston Locks (who own Cheshire Cat Narrowboats), is growing extremely well. We suspect it’s due to having windows in the kitchen rather than portholes, and watering it frequently. I’ve also given it some watered down percolated coffee occasionally too. It’s now got flowers on the top – so I’m hopeful we’ll get some tomatoes soon! Sadly Plum and Julias died, and Dave’s isn’t doing so well either. Looks like we’ll win the competition!

Plum and Julia’s on the left, just before it was thrown away on Sunday – ours is on the right looking healthy
This is how it looks today – am I correct in thinking the yellow flowers will turn into tomatoes?

Fit And Healthy And Enjoying The Sunshine

The British weather has decided to treat us all with some warmth and sunshine once again – thank you! We’re so thankful for the space outside the boat, where we can sit and get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

Barry and I have logged into the Symptom Study App once again with no symptoms. How are the COVID-19 UK statistics looking at the moment? Is the curve still flattening? Any signs of a second spike? I’m being an ostrich and burying my head in the sand boat. Apart from the fact that I’ve little to no confidence in whatever’s reported, I’d rather hide away here and pretend it’s all going to go away soon …

5 thoughts on “Day 62 – Another Quiet Day On The Cut

  1. Sandra, Might be a good idea to put it outside to get pollinated, unless you want to do it yourself with cotton swabs or something like that. I don’t think tomatoes will grow without pollination. 🙂

    • Aha! Sounds interesting 🤔. No idea how I’d do that with a cotton bud. Sounds distinctly rude to me 😂

      I do have it in our front cratch now and we’re heading off to get water this morning. If I open up the sides maybe it’ll magically get pollinated along the way?

    • Hi Phil
      I transplanted it to a slightly larger pot just a few days ago – the largest one I have onboard so hopefully it’ll be okay 😉

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