Day 61 – Appreciating The Stillness While It Lasts

As I said yesterday, it’s going to be most strange to leave the mooring we’ve been on for eight weeks. Apart from three times since 2013 when we’ve stayed in a marina, it’s unheard of for us to stay in one place. Meanwhile, the luxury of the stillness gifts us with appreciating simple surrounding pleasures. Today, for instance, was our first sighting of cygnets.

2020 cygnets
First cygnet sighting of spring 2020

Their Mummy and daddy were so proud to glide gracefully past, showing off eight grey furry balls of fluff.

All Quiet On The Cut

There’s not a lot else to report really. Apart from I’ve been working most of the day. I’m pleased and thankful that it’s looking positive for Ad-Extra and the team. Business is picking up again after understandably slowing down for a couple of months.

Apart from working, we haven’t noticed much movement on the canal today, just an occasional boat passing by. It seems that narrowboaters may be far more sensible than land-living folks. Or is it just in this area?

How Long To Continue Daily Posts?

From this Saturday, 23rd May, however, CRT has said that boaters can start moving again. Moorings will revert to their pre-COVID-19 restrictions. We’re on a 14-day one so could theoretically remain here until 6th June. We haven’t decided yet what our plans will be. Once things start returning to some type of ‘normality’, I’ll change to weekly posts rather than daily.

In the meantime, Barry and I have checked into the Symptom Study App with no symptoms, along with over 3.5 million others here in the UK.

A short and sweet blog today. I hope you’re all doing okay …

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