Day 60 – No Cause For Alarm

What a fascinating, albeit frightening at times, period of history we’re living through. I believe permission from above has now been given for cleaners, gardeners, potential buyers, and all manner of strangers to come into your homes. Just not relatives. Like grandparents. Whose bright idea was this? I wonder whether the people in this country are being intentionally led so the masses behave like lemmings, following the ‘leader’ to fall down a cliff due to over-population? People have felt compelled to demonstrate in places like Hyde Park because they fear they’re being lied to. I have to say on reflection I sometimes don’t really blame them. I’m as confused as a coot as to where we’re heading. I’m not sure I ever want to leave our mooring bubble ever again!

Helpful Lotions and Potions

On the bright side after managing to be out of bed for a mere six hours yesterday afternoon, I slept for another twelve hours last night. From 9 pm to 9 am. Thankfully this morning felt like my ‘normal’ self. My potions yesterday included:

  • Lots of rest
  • Lots of fluids (including gin of course!)
  • A concoction made by Kim including organic apple cider vinegar, hot water, dandelion honey and a dash of honey (not as disgusting as it sounds! Though you do have to knock it back like a shot!)
  • Regular Lemsip and dandelion honey
  • Twice a day echinacea tablets
  • A gargle of 50%+ alcohol gifted by Barry (I couldn’t bring myself to swallow it!)
  • A dose of Vitamin D sunshine. I sat metres from the boat yesterday evening – which for me counts as our garden during the time we’re moored here and is more than two metres away from anyone passing by
  • Aromatherapy oils mixture of Tea tree, bergamot and black pepper in Sweet Almond Oil, massaged into my upper chest (by my own hands I might add)
  • Vic vapour rub rubbed onto the soles of my feet when I went to bed. Again by me!

I’m pretty confident I don’t have and haven’t had, COVID-19. The challenge with everyone at the moment, as far as I see it, is the slightest niggle we feel in our bodies we fear we’ve been invaded by the enemy virus. Yes, I could’ve not written about my symptoms and pretended all was well. But that’s not how I roll. If we all hide away and pretend everything’s okay, we really will go stir crazy. But there are still other bugs out there lurking …

Passers-By Today

It’s been busy outside today. Dozens of walkers and cyclists. Two of whom were overheard by Kim at the back of the boat, saying “Wow! They’ve travelled far.” (Noticing the NZ flag). “Either that or we’ve been pedalling for even longer than it feels like!

Paul from ‘Baked On Board‘ has cruised past after a busy few evenings selling takeaway pizzas in Nantwich. It was fabulous to see your smiling face again Paul; take care. He’ll be at Beeston next weekend, so get your orders in for the best pizzas ever if you’re anywhere near there.

And our resident mother mallard has been frequently bringing her growing ducklings to us for birdseed. She seems inordinately proud of them, and we think is growing attached to us.

COVID-19 Symptom Study

Thankfully I’ve been able to report ‘no symptoms’ today to the Symptom Study App. I certainly wasn’t expecting that when I woke up yesterday!

I’m hoping that their lack of a live webinar last week isn’t due to an inability to continue from lack of funding. I know the team already have full-time research positions, so as things progress and grow it must be challenging for them. I hope they get the donations they need to continue this valuable research, as it’s one of the few things at the moment I think we can rely on to help us navigate through the swamp.

According to the website, there are 252,926 people in the UK with COVID today – that’s the ones they know about 🙁

I hope you and yours are doing okay out there in the world. I’ve forgotten what anywhere but our mooring bubble – or Nantwich – looks like!

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