Day 58 – Under The Weather

In more ways than one! It’s been cool and cloudy outside today. Not that I’ve even ventured off the boat. Kim and I are both feeling under the weather, with sore throats and a bit of a hoarse voice. So it’s been a quiet day.

I’ve had a lunchtime work call, and the rest of the day been doing more on my family history. It’s like going down a rabbit hole every time I click on a ‘leaf’, which are the prompts on I’m finding it fascinating. So far I’ve discovered things like my dad and mum’s families originate from Scotland, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. I’ve found a couple of relatives who must’ve emigrated to Australia and the USA. None to New Zealand though sadly. Looks like I set a new path with that one!

Of course it’s only been the male relations with occupations. A blacksmith. A block and mast maker. Able Seaman. A Grocer. A Ship Carpenter. A Horse and Cart Proprieter. I even discovered my great grandad on my mum’s side had been in the army in 1914. For 28 days! According to the documents, he was ‘unfit for service’ at 30 years old, and medically discharged due to ‘VDH’ which we believe means valvular heart disease. However, he lived until he was 56 so couldn’t have been that unhealthy. At least he didn’t die in the war as then I’d never have been born.

Complete Covid Craziness

Kim showed me an article earlier about crazy people planning mass gatherings this weekend. All over the UK.




Good luck you mad people! Even more of a reason for us to stay exactly where we are, for as long as possible. Let’s hope they don’t go on to infect thousands who then die.

Is It Or Isn’t It? We May Never Know

I reported my sore throat and hoarse voice this morning to the Symptom Study App. I don’t have a temperature 🤒. Of course, the challenge will come again if they email to say get a test! I did manage to write in the ‘other symptoms’, about not being able to access a test last weekend, due to living on a boat and likely to not be on the government’s required credit agency list.

Have we got COVID-19? It’s doubtful. The only place we’ve been is to Morrison’s in Nantwich. Kim hasn’t been there for over a week, and I went with Barry the other day (it takes two of us to carry the shopping the mile or so back to the boat, which is why two of us go). Barry feels perfectly well and has put the third coat on our bedroom wall today. It’s looking swell 🙂

Plum, one of our mooring bubble, left us this afternoon, as he has solar panels to deliver. He may be gone for a couple of days. He said to look after his mooring spot – Dave and Barry thought they’d scare him …

7 thoughts on “Day 58 – Under The Weather

  1. Look after yourselves – our son in Newbury was ill for a week after a trip to Tesco’s. He doesn’t know for certain if it was the virus but he thinks it could well have been. Supermarkets are a prime source of transmission – take care. x

    • Thank you Phil, we’ll do our best. Hard to know nowadays if we’ve just got a bit of a head cold! The article I linked to the other day actually said enclosed spaces forking periods of time are the worst places and that the most at risk in supermarkets are the workers. But you never know. And we probably won’t either. X

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