Day 55 – A Day of Quiet Acceptance

Because really, what can any of us menials do at the moment? Apart from accepting that the UK government are doing the best they can with what they know. Otherwise, all manner of conspiracy theories start to emerge, scary ones about subterfuge and plotting, and I just don’t have the energy today to care. I’ve actually attempted to read some of the papers in this morning’s “Daily update from GOV.​UK. Coronavirus (COVID-19)”  email. There’s a modicum of sense in them. If you dig deep enough, But mostly lots and lots of words and vague suggestions. So no-one can take responsibility if all continues to go pear-shaped. A bit like Barry’s UK visa application. I think they like to blind us with repetitive papers in the hope that no-one will understand or be able to follow. At least we managed to navigate that minefield in the end!

I know. I’m becoming repetitive too. But on the other side of the world, Jacinda Ardern, in New Zealand, gives Facebook Live updates at least every week. Just her. On her own. Sometimes, like last night, at Premier House. She even manages to see the questions being posted and does her best to answer them, or assures people she’ll check back once the live feed is over and make sure she addresses unanswered ones in future. Another time from her bedroom – in her pyjamas. With a phone. Relaxed. Authentic. Knowledgable. Caring. Informative. She goes through whatever the latest press conference has announced. In those press conferences, journalists are allowed and encouraged to ask questions. Not just the chosen few. I hear that’s not happening here? Forgive me but I haven’t watched any of ours, I can’t even bear to listen to you know who. I just watch NZ. Far more believable and understandable.

A New Day Dawns

Anyway. Here we are. At Hurleston Junction still.

I caught a gorgeous peep of a sunrise through the hawthorn bush this morning at 5.25 am

Another update from CRT this morning, as it seems that some boaters were confused by yesterday’s email and took it to mean they could start moving again.

No movement yet boaters! Only for essential services … As soon as we can I think we’re heading into Wales where the government seem to be a bit more on my wavelength … Same as Scotland, country of my roots. But that’s just a tad too far and not linked to the canals of England lol!

COVID-19 Symptom Study

No symptoms again today. All is ship-shape aboard Areandare. I’ve been busy with work, Barry has been painting a second coat on the bedroom walls, Kim’s been teaching her class in Nigeria from the back cabin.

Pip and Mick collected my box to take back to the bridge ready for a fruit and veg delivery on Thursday from Nantwich Veg boxes, and Plum and Dave have been shopping in Nantwich so we’ve stocked up on a few things without moving!

I hope you’re all well too, and managing to make sense of whatever your particular ‘leaders’ have decided is your fate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 55 – A Day of Quiet Acceptance

    • Yep! I love how she showed us the furniture she ‘saved’ too! It’s such a kiwi thing, they keep things till they fall apart, rather than buying new when the latest new fashion emerges. She’s also, of course, married to a Gisborne boy, so we’re kinda sisters! 😉

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