Day 54 – DIY Contradictory Un-Leadership

We didn’t waste our time listening to ‘the announcement’ last night from the UK Prime Minister. I’ve heard from many reliable sources it was as vague as ever – possibly even more so. Certainly horrendously dangerous and discriminatory. Totally at odds with the clear, knowledgable, humane, authentic, and decisive instructions from Jacinda Ardern as NZ plan to go to Level 2. Because they can; they’ve managed the COVID-19 challenges like adults, and it’s worked.

I’ve decided the only thing we can control is our own behaviours, you know, ‘be the change you want to see’.

But hey, who am I to criticise the latest directive from ‘above’ to ‘Stay Alert”? I personally have no confidence whatsoever in the current English government, so would far rather the occupants of NB Areandare educate themselves on how we can stay as safe as possible, and reduce the chances of us adversely affecting others around us. There are still large numbers of new cases of COVID-19 in the UK every day, it’s still out there all around us. And yet, let’s just all go out again.

If you want to read an excellent article about how the virus has spread, and is likely to continue spreading, read this article – The Risks and How to Avoid Them.

Clear As Mud

I was forwarded the following list that made me snigger (forgive any grammatical errors, I’ve copied and pasted) – though to be fair it’s not amusing, just comically horrific:

I think I’ve worked it out… 

  • 4 year olds can go to school but university students who have paid for the tuition they haven’t had and the accommodation they aren’t living in, can’t go to university. 
  • A teacher can go to school with many 4 year olds that they are not related to but can’t see one 4 year old that they are related to. 
  • You can sit in a park, but not tomorrow or Tuesday but by Wednesday that’ll be fine.
  • ou can meet one person from another household for a chat or to sunbathe but not two people so if you know two people  from another household you have to pick your favourite. Hopefully, you’re also their favourite person from your household or this could be awkward. But possibly you’re not. But as I can’t go closer than 2m to the one you choose anyway you wouldn’t think having the other one sat next to them would matter – unless two people would restrict your eyeline too much and prevent you from being alert. 
  • You can work all day with your colleagues but you can’t sit in their garden for a chat after work.
  • You can now do unlimited exercise when quite frankly just doing an hour a day feels like you are some kind of fitness guru. I can think of lots of things that I would like to be unlimited but exercise definitely isn’t one of them. 
  •  You can drive to other destinations although which destinations is unclear.
  • The buses are still running past your house but you shouldn’t get on one. We should just let empty buses drive around so bus drivers aren’t doing nothing. 
  • It will soon be time to quarantine people coming into the country by air… but not yet. It’s too soon. And not ever if you’re coming from France because… well, I don’t know why, actually. Because the French version of coronavirus wouldn’t come to the UK maybe. 
  • Our youngest children go back to school first because… they are notoriously good at not touching things they shouldn’t, maintain personal space at all times and never randomly lick you. 
  • We are somewhere in between 3.5 and 4.5 on a five point scale where 5 is all of the virus and 1 is none of the virus but 2,3 and 4 can be anything you’d like it to be really. Some of the virus? A bit of the virus? Just enough virus to see off those over 70s who were told to self isolate but now we’ve realised that they’ve done that a bit too well  despite us offloading coronavirus patients into care homes and now we are claiming that was never said in the first place, even though it’s in writing in the stay at home guidance. 
  • The slogan isn’t stay at home any more. So we don’t have to stay at home. Except we do. Unless we can’t. In which case we should go out. But there will be fines if we break the rules. So don’t do that. 

Don’t forget…

  • Stay alert… which Robert Jenrick has explained actually means Stay home as much as possible. Obviously. 
  • Control the virus. Well, I can’t even control my dogs and I can actually see them. Plus I know a bit about dogs and very little about controlling viruses. 
  • Save lives. Always preferable to not saving lives, I’d say, so I’ll try my best with that one, although hopefully I don’t need telling to do that. I know I’m bragging now but not NOT saving lives is something I do every day.
  • So there you are.  If you’re the weirdo wanting unlimited exercise then enjoy. But not until Wednesday. Obviously.”

Staying Put For Now

I was told recently that in the ‘Spanish Flu’ of 2018, 5 million people worldwide died in the first wave. Then restrictions were ‘loosened’. Following that, FIFTY million people died. Something to seriously consider I reckon?

So yes, we’ll be staying put and doing exactly as we have been for the next two weeks. Fortunately Canal and River Trust have emailed today so say keep your journeys to a minimum, with mooring exemptions extended by another two weeks to the 23rd May. Most sensible!

We may soon begin moving into Wales however, when we next need essential supplies, as their approach seems far more sensible and thought-out for the good of all.

Essential Eggs and Wine!

I walked to Blackberry Farm again, and bought one and a half dozen free-range farm eggs before the farmer takes them all to the local Garden Centre again! That’s where he used to sell them. It seems that these places will be allowed to open soon. It’s going to be a very interesting time ahead …

Barry meanwhile, biked into Nantwich for a bit of shopping, and to pick up essential supplies from ‘The Home Brew Boat‘ (still so named, but soon to change). We haven’t had any red wine kits for months – now they’re stocking them again we’ve put in an order and picked it up from the shop by the canal at Nantwich Canal Centre. Buying alcohol is ridiculously expensive.

COVID-19 Symptom Study

We’ve reported ‘no symptoms’ again today. I’ve had to accept I’m not able to access a COVID-19 test to help the research, though I am 99% certain I don’t have it anyway. The fiasco has however led me to wonder, whether any liveaboard narrow boater reading this blog, who continuously cruises and has no access to a car, have been able to access a COVID-19 test if called to do so? Please comment below, or use the ‘contact us‘ page to send me a private email. I may also be getting in touch with CRT about this inequality.

I’ll be aiming to watch the live webinar by the Symptom Study Team this week, and posing the question to them about this group of people close to our hearts.

4 thoughts on “Day 54 – DIY Contradictory Un-Leadership

    • He does love his ‘new’ bike. Though he said he had to keep stopping to massage his rear end! Not the comfiest … Not sure about the farmer, I think he’s done fine having the eggs at the end of his drive but unlikely to be a long term proposition for him.

  1. Wow, I’m surprised the UK has not had a 14 day quarantine after flying in to the country. Probably a bit late to start now, as it is throughout the country. However, I do think people should be encouraged to get outdoors in the sunshine (at an appropriate distance, and not be stuck inside. The sunshine and Vitamin D are good for your health, both physical and mental. Some evidence, and some studies are being conducted, that those with higher Vitamin D levels have a better outcome, and those with low levels (aged care homes for instance), have worse outcomes.

    • No, they haven’t had any form of quarantine to date. Thousands of people have been flying in and entering the country. It’s just a complete shambles here 🙁
      Absolutely re Vitamin D and sunshine – people have been able to get outside though in lockdown, on their daily exercise. All that’s happening now is that they’re getting their camper vans and caravans out and heading to the tourist spots. Heaven help the folks in Cornwall and the Lake District. The thing with Vitamin D is that we should be getting what we need from the sunshine and our food. Professor Spector’s previous research suggests long term supplements can cause more harm than benefit. I guess it’s whether you monitor the levels, and only take supplements if there’s no other way of absorbing vitamins?
      Widdershins also made a very valid comment a few days ago about vitamin D levels in people with dark skin. I’m waiting for this week’s webinar before blogging about it 😉
      I hope you and yours are doing ok?

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