Day 52 – News Of Living On a Narrowboat In Lockdown

Day 52. Goodness me! That means it’s over seven weeks since Barry and I locked-down aboard Areandare. I don’t know about you, but that ‘30 days to change a habit’ scenario feels like it’s taking effect. Staying in one place for so long, apart from occasional trips for essentials, is what we’ve become accustomed to. It’s going to be quite strange to move away from here when we’re told we must start cruising again and only staying a maximum of 14 days in any one place. We’ve grown unbelievably fond of our countryside surroundings.

In The News

Last month I wrote a couple of articles about living in a narrowboat in lockdown. One was published as one of a number of stories from live-aboard narrowboaters, in the June issue of Waterways World. The other was published today in The Weekender, part of The Gisborne Herald, in Barry’s home town in New Zealand.

Making The Most of a Sweltering Swelteringly Hot Day

If every day was like today, few would feel the need to leave the UK in search of heat and sunshine! Not that they can anyway for a while. We’ve made the most of it and spent the majority of the day outside. Dozens of local people thought they’d pass by too – by foot, running or bike. But all very friendly and most said a cheery ‘hi’ on each leg of their journey.

I finally made time to do some ‘canal art’. It’s been well over a year since I got my paints and brushes out. It’s a ridiculously messy hobby when I paint, so best not done on board! I have to wear gloves or it goes everywhere. Still does, to be honest! Regardless, I love painting, and it felt really uplifting to be cr4eative again. The way you ‘layer’ the design and it suddenly comes to life astounds me. Thank you, Julie Tonkin, for teaching me a few years ago …

COVID-19 Symptom Study

Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better and brighter today and have reported ‘no symptoms’. However, I received an email from the Symptom Study team, suggesting I get tested. I’m not sure what to do, it’s rather difficult to go anywhere from here. But I shall investigate. I guess some people can have t really mildly?

You’ve recently reported feeling unwell with a particular combination of symptoms. We would like to test you to understand if you have the virus right now. This does not necessarily mean you have COVID-19 as we are also inviting some people we believe do not have the virus.

COVID-19 Symptom Study email

My challenge is I have no idea how I could do this. If the test is sent to my ‘home’ address’, it’s my daughter’s. They ask for identification. Well, that’s impossible. I can’t ‘drive’ to a testing centre, we have no car. However, it seems that I can submit an application for a home testing kit to ‘the address I’m self-isolating at’. Again, quite tricky, but if I can get it sent to Nantwich Canal Centre it could be possible.

Hmmm, I’m pretty confident there’s not a problem, but this feels like an interesting exercise for ANY boater to go through. What if I really DO need a test?

I’ll let you know tomorrow how I got on and if I was successful or not. If it’s the ‘not’, I need to contact the COVID-19 Symptom Study team to find out how I could work this out.

10 thoughts on “Day 52 – News Of Living On a Narrowboat In Lockdown

  1. I had an offer of a test last week too after I’d reported lightheadedness. They also said they were asking those without symptoms as volunteers to get tests done. I looked into it and it took me two days before tests were available and I could get through on the site to see how to do anything. Then there were only drive through tests available. The first question once you get invited for one of these is your car registration number. So no chance of that, we don’t have a car. I considered getting a home test kit sent somewhere, but all those had been snapped up.
    So I have to admit I gave up, not having a car or an address. They’d rather you had them done within a certain time of symptoms too. I felt a bit discriminated against, another case of falling through a gap being a boater.

    • It certainly seems so! I’ve tried to submit for a home test, but it’s saying I’m not eligible – either because 1/ They can’t confirm my identity; 2/ I’ve recently ordered a home test kit (no!); 3/ You entered your details incorrectly. Admittedly the first time I HAD entered my birth year as 2020! So I’ve tried again, with the corect year, but still, I’m getting nowhere. If I don’t get anywhere I shall be containing Professor Spector and his team. It’s not acceptable 🙁

      • You got an option of a home test! Blimey. I got a text message and had to enter a code for a drive through test. I tried looking to see how to contact the study but had no luck.

        • Well yes and no. I got as far as requesting it and adding my details, and the canal centre address, but any time I tried it gave the same response. So maybe I don’t have any details with the ‘credit agency’ they use? Who knows. I have emailed a reply to the email I was sent, detailing the issues and the fact that I live on a narrowboat with no car. I’ll see if I get a response …

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