Day 49 – More Essential Journeying

With two people aboard Areandare working online, Barry has to negotiate essential journeys around our scheduled calls. Today it was necessary to get up early (for us!), in order to be heading towards Nantwich by 9 am. Although we’ve bought CRT pumpout cards from Halsall, and could go to Calveley to do a ‘self-pumpout’ (sounds painful I know!), it’s quicker to go to Nantwich. Quickness was important as Kim was teaching via Zoom at 12 midday.

We also needed some essential groceries, so Kim and I walked to Morrisons while Barry did the blue (and other colours not resembling pink!) jobs. Each time I venture into the town I notice subtle changes. Slightly busier foot-traffic-wise, plus more businesses open. Today it was banks and Building Societies. Why do people even need to physically go into banks anymore I wonder? I can’t recall the last time I did. I do everything online. Fascinating.

Chalk marks the 2 meter rule outside this Building Society

Finishing The Job

It’s a decent walk into Nantwich and back from the canal, made extremely pleasant in the sunshine. We returned to find Barry was almost done filling with diesel, emptying the toilet tank, and filling our water-tanks.

As soon as Kim’s lesson was completed we headed straight back to our bubble mooring. I’ve done some work, of the paid kind, and on the family history. Kim’s had a couple more meetings and then decided it may be warm enough for a spot of yoga outside. Barry’s done a bit more DIY and hung my fruit bowl up, as we’ve had to make room in the kitchen for some brewing equipment! It wasn’t appropriate to keep it in the boatman’s cabin with Kim anymore. The brewing equipment that is, not the fruit!

COVID-19 Symptoms

We’ve reported ‘no symptoms’ today the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App – though I do have this niggling headache. I’ve heard a few people remarking that they’re getting more headaches than usual lately. Could it be something to do with the increased Internet usage I wonder? Hopefully, paracetamol, echinacea, a cup of tea, and an evening gin and tonic will sort it out.

The App informs me that there are 266,106 people in the UK with COVID today. That seems quite horrendous to me! Is that less than there was or more? To be honest, I’m not keeping up with it all, I have absolutely no faith in statistics in the UK as I can’t be confident in how the data is being collected. However, I do feel that the symptom tracker App is worthwhile and lead by intelligent scientists.

3 thoughts on “Day 49 – More Essential Journeying

  1. Looks like you had some fun and games earlier this evening!
    I’ve been feeling a touch light headed for a couple of days and decided to put it into the covid tracker. The next day reporting feeling well again.
    We’ll give you a beep when we come back with veg tomorrow.

    • We did! It’s been an accident waiting to happen. Luckily I’d scheduled today’s post already. It’ll make a great tale on tomorrow’s blog. Thank goodness for an eventually happy ending!
      Really excited for the box tomorrow. Mixed one. It’ll be like Christmas 🎄 🤔🤞😉

    • Good idea re the tracker. If I’ve still got this fuzzy head tomorrow I’ll put it in …

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