Day 45 – More Local Supplies

It’s been another changeable day weather-wise. One minute chucking it down, next minute glorious sunshine. Barry and I waited patiently for a fine period, then nipped out to use our allowed daily exercise to buy fresh farm eggs and source abandoned wood for the brazier.

You can see the stark difference above once the sun breaks through the clouds.

There were plenty of eggs at Blackberry Farm, and a good stock of logs and sticks on the path around the reservoir. The bags were rather heavy on the walk back to the boat though!

I then had a remarkably relaxing afternoon sat soaking up the sun in the cratch, as Kim cooked from the kitchen. Sublime! We’ll light the brazier and batter some cod to go with the roasted vegetables made for us.

A rather pleasant day in our bubble mooring. Simple pleasures …

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Update

Barry and I have reported no symptoms to the App again today. Last night we watched the latest webinar from the team – which included the USA lead Dr Andrew Chan. It sounds as though they’re doing a great job over there too, and it seems that Sweden has now joined too. The main points I wrote down this week were:

  • There’s uncertainty around antibody formation – severe infections don’t necessarily produce high levels of antibodies, and some mild infections lead to high levels of antibody levels
  • It seems to be possible to have COVID-19 and NOT produce any antibodies
  • The level of testing in the USA is very low.
  • It’ll be interesting to monitor the research in Sweden where there has been no lockdown and their way of life has changed very little.
If you head to the website, you can see how many people are reporting via the App, and the percentage of symptomatic people in the area

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like either the government or NHS England are coming on boar – unlike their Welsh and Scottish counterparts. For me that defies all sense and logic. Let’s hope one day they wake up for the sake of us all 🙁

4 thoughts on “Day 45 – More Local Supplies

    • 😂 have you seen the NZ film ‘hunt for the wilderpeople? No plague but they did disappear into the wilderness and foraged. Sort of reminds me of that in a tamer way.
      Yes. Sunshine 🌞 definitely helps the spirit feel lighter. Hope you’re both doing ok x

    • I think there was an iPhone WordPress and MacBook WordPress debate going on last night! Sunset last night was stunning once again, had to walk down to your neck of the woods to get a photo without a pylon 😝

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