Day 43 – Re-Braiding and an Inside Job With Friends

You’ll maybe recall that one six weeks ago I took advantage of a Barbadian beach hair braider called Janice? Maybe I haven’t put that very well. I spotted her stall and decided to get my hair braided – a long-held bucket-list item of mine. She said at the time they’d last about six weeks, and recently they’ve been itching and obviously my hair has grown in that time. Last night, my gorgeous daughter spent hours re-braiding it for me. Oh. My. Goodness! I can’t describe the pain though. Tears streaming down my face. But all worth it and it feels so much better now.

Kim’s just beginning the re-braiding – I’m still fairly calm at this stage!

Fantastic Friendships

I don’t have much to report today on the outside world, or any more meant-to-be-inspiring thoughts about economic localisation. Not that it’s been as dull inside as it has outside mind you! I’ve had a productive monthly catch-up call with the lead person for two of my Ad-Extra clients; extremely well-performing accounts that I’m hoping will survive and thrive through these uncertain times. My aim for the day was also to complete two weeks of our weekly accounts, and a few other ‘to actions’ from my list. But, instead, I’ve been overjoyed by a couple of unexpected conversations with friends.

One is someone I met in January 1978, when we both started Registered Nurse Training together at Kidderminster General Hospital. Sadly she left after 12 months, realising that nursing wasn’t for her. I can’t begin to describe the fun we had together. I can fondly recollect many memories that make me smile, over 40 years later. We kept in touch until sometime in the 1990s. That was before the advent of social media, and due to changing family circumstances for us both, we lost contact. Last night I had a vivid dream about her and was compelled this morning to find her. And I did. Thank you, Facebook. You’re much-maligned, but boy what an incredible resource! I’m overjoyed to have re-connected with her.

This afternoon someone very dear to me got in touch from Australia via WhatsApp. Initially, I was suspicious and thought her account had been hacked. She was being a bit vague. Asking strange questions that didn’t sound like her. But then she revealed something only she could possibly know. Following that we relished over three hours of back and forth messaging, which included a great deal of spontaneous raucous laughter in each hemisphere! Barry’s been incredulous that anyone could communicate like that for so long. I think it’s a female thing?

Marvellous. I’m so happy. Two amazing women have shared a part of my life and my day. What on earth would we do without the Internet?

More Renovations Inside

Have you ever wished you’d taken a ‘before’ photo of something/someone? I wished I’d taken a before of the boatman’s cabin – before all the stock was sold! But I didn’t. I thought I’d learned. Then Barry decided the time was ripe to paint the bedroom – he’s been wanting to do that for a couple of years. We chatted about taking the curtains down and having porthole covers – and agreed yes, it could be a positive move. Not that we’ve quite worked it out terribly successfully yet.

However …

We thought taking down the curtains and rails would give an appearance of more space. It certainly appears to. However, I failed to take a photo to show this! Damn! I’ve got a before and after sanding, but not a before taking down the rails …

We’ve cut out foam to fit these three portholes, and I’ll make covers fro them and add something inventive to help remove them. They cut out the light – which is good and not so great as it means we’re more likely to lie-in! Oh dear 🙂 On the other side of the bedroom the portholes have windows, so we need to think about what we can put in those. If anyone’s got any ideas do let me know.

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Update

I missed the webinar this afternoon – but I’ll catch up tomorrow and give you an update.

Barry and I have reported no symptoms once again 😉

2 thoughts on “Day 43 – Re-Braiding and an Inside Job With Friends

  1. Hello! Angie from Washington state in the US…thought I’d comment again, since I have been reading faithfully. You mentioned before and after pictures…how about an after of your braids? Also, I really like the canal picture with the sun breaking through the clouds. Thanks for all the positive posts. I really enjoy coming in each day to see what living on the canal is like, even when you have to stay in place. Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Angie! Delighted to hear from you again. It makes my morning to hear from a reader.
      As I posted last night I thought about the after photo too. I’ll get Barry to take one today just for you 🙂
      Last night’s light was surreal. Dark clouds in the distance. The weather’s weird at the moment. We’re moving to shop today so I’ll see if I can shoot a short video for you too.
      Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going over there. You have a great weekend too ✋😉

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