Day 41 – A Personal Plea For Economic Localisation

The global lockdown has surely provided time to reflect and consider what ways we’re individually contributing to the downward destruction of humanity. Mostly unintentionally admittedly. I shudder every time I hear it being bounded across the western world that economic growth is being devastated by the current coronavirus crisis. What if we changed that perspective to see it as a possible positive way forward, rather than a problem? What if globalisation and the devastation large corporations have imposed on people and the planet for the past 20 years, IS the problem?

We’ve been given a chance to change that. The world has shouted from the rooftops. But I fear we’re still not listening …

Returning to a Simpler way of Living

Could we consider returning to a simpler time? I know people rage that people will lose jobs, but what if we all started supporting local businesses and NOT large corporations? You know, like McD’s? True they’re franchised. But that view is totally missing the point. In Barry’s home town of Gisborne, their McD’s, the only ‘eatery’ (I use that term loosely!) to usually be open 24/7 (can you imagine?), re-opened their drive-through on 27th April 2020. This is what happened.

Surely I’m not alone to be horrified by this and believe it’s complete thoughtless-for-the-future-of-mankind madness? I’ve got no doubt similar pictures will happen in the UK as soon as ‘Fast Food’ outlets re-open 🙁

Dig down into what you’re eating folks 🙁

Consider Your Family’s Future

Get out of the cities if you can. I’ve recently been impressed by this blog “totally Off Our Grid‘, by Kiera and Tony. A classic and charming example of young people yearning and learning how to live on less and source income differently.

How about we ballot politicians to stop the ridiculous export of the same goods we’re importing (have you ever seen the startling statistics of how much we export of the same goods we import?). To stop spending money on weapons and fund local essential services instead.

“A month ago, just as the coronavirus began racing across the UK, the government boasted that had raised military spending by £2 billion to £41.5 billion. Our military force, it claimed, is “the tip of the spear for a resurgent Global Britain.”

George Monbiot – Let’s Nuke the Virus 9th April 2020

Imagine if everyone looked outside their limited boxes, and realised holidaying in their own countries could actually be amazing; how much of yours have you never even seen? We could care more for each other. Resist the marketers subliminal messaging that you ‘need’ more and more material goods. Print a copy of Martin Lewis’s ‘Money Mantra Tips‘, and check the questions every time you go to buy something you think you can’t possibly live without.

Martin Lewis Money Mantra

Look at what you’ve got already. Stop spending needlessly! We could collectively alter the course of herstory/history, and re-learn ways to make money our servant again, rather than our master.

Only Two Days Left!

I urge you to watch The Economics of Happiness. It’s free to view until the end of April.

“… an economy that isn’t obsessed with economic growth; one whose purpose is NOT to maximise profits but to provide increased quality, satisfying jobs, producing goods and services people really do need.”

The Economics of Happiness

Which gives you just two more days …

What if there’s no return to normality even when it’s over? Maybe this pandemic isn’t an interlude, but a reset. A reset to what? My guess is that it’ll amount to a great simplification. A simplification of our lives, priorities, schedules, memberships, finances, relationships and maybe even world views. But also a simplification of our societies. That’s because one of the side effects of Covid-19 is to expose the accumulation over decades — at least in the wealthy West — of untenable complexity in the individual, political and economic spheres of life.”

This pandemic is an opportunity for radical simplification –

Time For Us All To Wake The Hell Up!!

If we don’t wake-up after this scare what will it take? I’d really love to think my grandsons will grow up in a kinder world, where making as much money as possible, by whatever means, isn’t postulated prolifically as the best way to live. Where big, selfish, greedy, mindless corporations aren’t able to rule the world – because decent ‘normal’ people don’t support them anymore or get sucked in by their clever marketing. Where Prime Ministers like Justina Ardern are the norm and the majority; rather than unique and the minority.

What have you discovered you no longer need? Do you really need any more new clothes? If you have any land, how can you grow your own? Can we lobby MPs to stop exporting goods we can grow ourselves in UK? How about if we became used to eating fruit and vegetables that are in season, home-grown not imported? Do you have a local Farmer’s Market? Or farm shop? What can you source nearby rather than from a supermarket?

It’s more of a challenge on a narrowboat for sure, but many boaters discover ingenious ways of roof and cratch gardening. I’m hoping my cherry tomatoes bear fruit. Small fry I realise.

More People Needed

Again I’m happy to say we’re all well on the boat. Barry and I have reported ‘no symptoms’ again to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, along with 2,682,434 people in UK.

Let’s all ‘be the change you want to see’ – hopefully for a more positive and sustainable future of mankind 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 41 – A Personal Plea For Economic Localisation

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  3. There is also the thinking that the only way the country (Australia in this case) can prosper is by never ending increase in sales and growth, therefore subtley encouraging everyone to spend more. As the population is not being replaced by the citizens (1.7 kids per family), the only way to achieve this is by immigration of young people or couples from overseas. Also with all the extra spending various governments are doing to help people through this time, is going to paid for by our children in the 25-60 age group. Taxes will have to be raised, but most probably cuts to services that are already struggling.

  4. More people will start/continue living consciously and consuming less, that’s for sure. I’d like to see a renaissance of ‘support local’ everything … hopefully countries will have learned the lesson that globalisation and ‘outsourcing’ really aren’t the cornucopias they were promised. But, the debt load they’ll be carrying will be astronomical and I fear they’ll panic and make all the wrong moves. We shall see.

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