Day 38 – COVID-19 Losses and Gains

I was feeling a tad morose this morning, noticing on the calendar without COVID-19 we would’ve been with our grandsons this weekend. It’s almost two months now since we’ve spent time with them in person. Thank goodness for the internet. It would be a far worse challenge without access to online video calls. Their mum and dad had planned a trip to London to see friends. Instead, the four of them have been bonding without a break in their bubble.

Surprising Local Gifts

I’d heard we could buy free-range eggs nearby, so my daily exercise was to go in search. En route, I spotted a box outside Hurleston Top Lock cottage, offering free cherry tomato plants. Awesome! Thank you, generous kind people. I’ll do my best to utilise the plant and turn it into produce!

Out Of Eggs

I walked mindfully around the reservoir to the house with eggs, noticing all sorts of plants and flowers. Sadly quite a bit of detritus too. I vowed next time I’d bring a rubbish bag and gloves to scoop it all up! Sadly the egg box was empty. The friendly occupant said she was astounded how quickly they were being bought and offered to save me half a dozen in the morning. I put an order in of course. What a superb service!

Dave, one of our bubble, had informed me there’s a farm shop a short walk up the Llangollen Canal if the first source wasn’t successful. So I turned around and walked that way. The chatty chap who owned the farm informed me his hens lay 30 dozen eggs a day, and he was amazed that although he’s on the busy A51 he’s selling out each day. He even had some duck eggs. Fantastic! Half a dozen duck and half a dozen hen eggs were sourced for £3.25.

Biking For Beer

Barry tested his recently acquired bike this afternoon, cycling into Nantwich for a beer stock up. He was there and back in an hour and a half. What brilliant finds we’ve had recently. I’m really enjoying this way of life, and the ability to source so much of our needs locally.

Another COVID-19 Gain

Although we’re missing precious moments with our grandsons, we’ve gained many magical moments with my younger daughter Kimberley. I’m immensely thankful to the world for this gift of her constant company in our lockdown bubble. Inside the boat, preparing our tea, I watch Kim and Barry chilling in the balmy evening together. Up yours whoever called us plebs yesterday, we perfectly happy thank you and harming no-one.

Finally once again, I’m thankful no symptoms were reported via the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App 🙂

Make the most of the sunshine everyone, I hear there may be a turnaround to cooler days in UK soon …

8 thoughts on “Day 38 – COVID-19 Losses and Gains

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  3. I was going to offer you an egg box to return to the egg lady, but now you are sorted from the farm shop you might not be going that way. We’ll walk up tomorrow.
    Where is the farm shop? I’d just heard about a shop up that way, but no idea where.
    Good to see you even if fleetingly today

    • I’m walking up tomorrow as I ordered half a dozen and don’t want to let her down. She sold out by 10am this morning! If you don’t get any you can have my six.
      Farm shop is second bridge up the steps and straight ahead. I’ll explain tomorrow…

      Good to see you both too. 😉

      • We got some eggs the other day from her, just wanted to take the egg box back so she could reuse it. Fancy some duck eggs, so I’ll have a walk up the flight

        • I can take it for you if it helps? And I’ll give better directions to the farm. Hope there’s duck eggs left. He said he doesn’t have them very often. Fingers crossed 🤞

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